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Making Your Garden Magical

Fictional stories make us wish we could escape into a world of princes and princesses. Tall forests filled with hidden elves in the trees and gnomes in their holes seem to beckon to us. If only we could make their world our reality.

It may not be possible to completely escape into our books, but we can certainly help by giving the imagination a little push. Try turning your very own backyard into a secret fairytale get away. There is nothing like bubbling water and tall trees to help you forget about the stresses of everyday life. If you’re wanting to create a romantic fairytale world here are a few suggestions.

Garden Trellis

If you are wanting to add a little dimension to your garden, or don’t have a ton of space to begin with, then a trellis is a great way for you to go. Trellises can come in all shapes and sizes from round arches to flat climbing walls for vines. You can make your own or purchase a trellis from most home good and gardening stores.

If you want to add a flowering vine to your trellis, then you might want to consider the following:

  • Zephirine Drouhin Rose
  • Bougainvillea
  • Wisteria
  • Morning Glory
  • Climbing Hydrangea

Before running out and purchasing whichever flower you think is the most beautiful, remember to check what maintenance it will require and what areas it does best in. It would be a shame to choose a plant that can’t survive the climate you live in.


Adding a little winding stone or brick walkway will add a nice meandering feel to your garden, like you’re going on an adventure. Before you start to lay down your walkway you’ll want to make sure to draw out a path and have an idea of what will be going where. Doing this can also make your yard feel bigger and help with upkeep in your garden.


As you pick out your lamps and bulbs, try to steer clear of lights that are super harsh. This will pull away from your magical feeling.

Hanging – If you live in an area where you can’t see the stars then hanging strings of lights might be a great option for your garden. This is a wonderful way to create your own magical stary night.

Pole – Think lantern, like the Chronicles of Narnia. By using this light you can still get around great in your garden, but the shadows that your stationary light will cast will be mystical looking.

Ground – These are little fairly lights that are placed into the ground and snuggled into your plants. Usually, you can find solar powered lights so you won’t have to switch on a light, but they will activate as the sun sets, making it look like little fairies are roaming around in your garden.


Bubbling water is a wonderful way to block out noise from the outside world. Your water sources could be an outdoor fishpond, mini waterfall or plug-in fountain. Just one little fountain can help to cover up the noise of traffic and people, helping you to escape to your magical garden.

Bird Feeder/Bath

Nothing says Snow White’s Cottage like little birds chirping in the trees. If you would like to have more feathery friends visiting your garden than you might want to consider adding feeders or a birdbath.

Bird feeder – You’ll need to decide what type of bird you’re wanting to attract. If you want hummingbirds than you’ll need to get yourself a feeder, but then after that, there are plenty of DIY recipes for hummingbird food. There are also many types of seed you can purchase for your birds, you’ll just want to do a little at-home research to see what is the best option for your back yard.

Birdbath – The nice thing about a birdbath is that it can be as inexpensive as you want. You can simply place a shallow plate of water out for the birds to enjoy and they’ll be grateful no matter what it looks like. If you want to spend a bit of money on your birdbath they have some that are glorious miniature fountains so your birds can enjoy a shower and a bath. Really it is all up to your preference.

A magical garden in your own backyard isn’t far away. Just adding a few touches here and there will take your flower garden and make it into a fairytale. Good luck with your garden and have fun escaping into your own creation!

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