How Soakaways Prevent Lawn Flooding

Lawn floods tend to occur when there are heavy and sustained periods of rainfall. Such a situation can cause your surface water drainage system to become overloaded. For most homes, these pipes aren’t simply large enough to handle the amount of rainwater that is collected and channelled to them when there are floods. As a result, they end up getting clogged up and spill the water back over the ground. This can lead to massive damage and costly drainage repairs.

How Soakaways Prevent Lawn Flooding

Soakaways are designed to collect rainwater and allow it to sip slowly into the ground as opposed to discharging it into a public sewer. Advanced soakaways are made from strong and stern plastic crates that are wrapped in a permeable membrane that join to together to form a sturdy structure that is highly capable of holding water present in the voids between the plastic. This in turn allows it to drain away water whenever the ground is ready to take it in.

Soakaway crates come in a variety of shapes and size, but a good installer will be able to definitively calculate what size soakaway is required in your case.

Soakaways provide an ideal way for disposing surface water in cases whereby the lawn soil is permeable. Most experts agree that sand and loamy soils are okay. Clay soil is not recommended because it can hold the water for long periods of time, making any kind of water infiltration very slow.

Experts also advise against installing a soakaway in an area where the ground water table is a bit high. This is because such a situation would drastically reduce its effectiveness. In case you are unsure about your ground water levels, you can seek the services of a professional drainage installer to help you sort out the matter.

Another way to determine the local ground water level in your lawn is to dig a trial pit and examine it at different times and during different weather conditions throughout the year. However, you should always keep in mind that any pit deeper than 1.2 metres could collapse. As a result, it should be shored up to prevent such an occurrence. It is also not advisable to have your soakaway in an area where the ground might get contaminated.

Why should hire Drainage Care UK to install your soakaways

As you can clearly tell from the information provided above, installing a soakaway is not an easy task. It requires expertise and a high-level of experience for the entire undertaking to be successful and effective. This is where Drainage Care UK comes in. There is absolutely no reason why you should suffer a flooded lawn when there are professionals from Drainage Care UK who are willing and more than capable of handling the installation of your soakaways.

Over the years, the company has managed to gain vast experience and knowledge regarding soakaways.

This means that the staff of Drainage Care UK can handle any situation presented to them. In addition, you can rest assured that all the representatives of this reputable company will provide you with exceptional customer service.

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