Winter is Coming. Is Your Heating System Ready?

As outdoor temperatures start to plummet, it’s clear that winter is nearly upon us. You’re already shutting the windows early, keeping a spare blanket on the couch, and tucking in tight at night. Now, consider your home’s heating system. Is it ready for the cold? If not, now is the time to begin preparations.

Heating Maintenance

HVAC professionals highly recommend that you schedule annual heating system maintenance and inspection. In doing so, you ensure your heating system can withstand the coming cold. Preventative maintenance provides:

  • Reduced risk of breakdowns – By addressing issues today, you ensure that potentially costly problems do not occur tomorrow.
  • Lower monthly bills – Heating maintenance dramatically improves the energy efficiency of your heating system. You’ll stay warm longer, use less energy, and pay less for the experience.
  • Less carbon monoxide – Over time, a furnace may suffer from carbon monoxide leaks. An inspection and maintenance ensures that the dangerous leaks do not occur!
  • Warranty – The manufacturer’s warranty that came with your heating system requires regular maintenance and professional inspection. To remain within the warranty, schedule both annually.

Air Leaks

You can save nearly 20% on your monthly heating bills – or more – by sealing leaks around your doors and windrows. Around the doors, use weather stripping. For windows, consider caulking where possible.

Then, you must consider the attic hatches and plumbing system. Any outer pipes, for example, will require a hole leading into your home. This gap allows for cold air to flow freely into your house.

Unblock Heating Vents

Over time, we tend to forget about our floor vents. Drapes from the windows, or furniture that was shoved aside, cover the vents and block heat from flowing freely. Now is the time to walk through each room, unblocking the heating vents as you go.

An open vent allows heated air to disperse evenly throughout the house, allowing you to enjoy higher comfort, lower monthly utility bills, and more!

These important tips given by Metro Express Service is the leading choice for heating installation, maintenance, and repairs in DFW. We routinely help homeowners prepare their home for the coming winter via efficient, cost-effective heating solutions!

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