Colourful design

12 fun ways to bring more colour into your home

Brighten up your interior with these out of the box tips

Colour is an instant mood booster, a source of inspiration, and a way to express your unique personality and style. Incorporating pops of colour into your home not only revitalises your space, but it can also provide a refreshing change of scenery, especially if you’ve been feeling like your interiors are a bit drab.

Whether you’ve recently moved into new homes in Gateshead or have been living in the same space for years, injecting a burst of colour into your interior design is a great way to bring out more personality in your home. With that in mind, here are 12 fun ways to bring more colour into your living space.

Vibrant accent walls

Instead of painting your entire room, choose one wall as a focal point and paint it a bold colour. Accent walls can create depth, interest, and a striking contrast.

Colourful furniture

Invest in brightly coloured furniture pieces, like a teal sofa or a red bookshelf. If buying new furniture isn’t feasible, consider reupholstering or painting existing pieces.

Decorative pillows and throws

Swapping out pillows or draping a multi-coloured throw over a neutral sofa is an affordable and easy way to add splashes of colour. Mix patterns, textures, and hues for a curated look.

Gallery wall

Combine framed photos, prints, and artwork in a spectrum of colours and sizes. This not only adds a splash of colour but also makes a personal statement.

The magic of textiles

From vibrant curtains to colourful bed linens, textiles offer an incredible avenue to experiment with colour. Window treatments, in particular, can be a game-changer. Opt for sheer curtains in soft pastels to invite sunlight and create a dreamy hue, or go bold with geometric patterns for a more modern touch.

Don’t forget about tablecloths, napkins, or even shower curtains – the opportunities with textiles are boundless!

Plant life

While green is the primary colour you’ll add with plants, flowering plants like African violets or orchids can add beautiful purples, pinks, and whites. Plus, they improve air quality!

Dress up your floors

Colourful rugs can anchor a room and tie together various colours from other decor elements. A bright rug can make a strong statement, especially in a neutral room.

DIY art projects

Create your own colourful artwork. Abstract designs, splatter paintings, or even simple geometric patterns with your choice of colours can bring personal flair to your space.

Bright kitchenware

Think bright mugs, plates, or even a colourful toaster. When these items are on display, they can serve as functional art pieces.

Backsplashes and tiles

Often overlooked, backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms are prime real estate for introducing colour. Mosaic tiles, for instance, can create a vibrant tapestry behind your sink or stove. In bathrooms, consider colourful floor tiles or a bright, patterned shower area. These changes not only infuse colour but can also elevate the overall design of the room.

Tinted glass and ceramics

Colourful vases or tinted glass light fixtures can catch sunlight and create beautiful coloured reflections, spilling into your living space and creating a whole world of hues.

Statement lighting

Instead of traditional lighting, opt for colourful lampshades or uniquely tinted bulbs. The way light interacts with colour can change the entire mood of a room.

Incorporating colour doesn’t mean you have to make permanent changes. You can start small and gradually add more hues as you become comfortable. The most important thing is to choose colours that resonate with you and make your space feel inviting, energised, and truly like home.

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