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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Flood Damage to Your Home

As of July 2020, flood damages already cost people $15 billion. When you include instances since 1980, you’ll get a whopping amount of $1.790 Trillion dollars of economic loss.

This is all the more reason to take steps to prepare, not only yourself but your home as well. Read this useful guide about the top 5 cost-effective and easiest ways for water damage prevention.

1. Check the Weather Forecast Everyday

Start by looking up weather news and reports online. If you don’t, start watching the television or listen to the radio for the daily weather forecast. You need to watch out for flood warnings from the local news.

Learn the difference between a flood warning and flood watch from the National Weather Service. It can tell you the severity level of the upcoming storm. This can give you time to do some flood prevention measures beforehand.

2. Know Your Flood Zones

Wherever you stay in, you should know your specific flood zone, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar area. Besides checking the weather forecast, understanding your zone is crucial for knowing how much preparation your home needs.

FEMA (Federal Emergency and Management Agency) offers flood maps and codes which tell you how often floods occur in a particular area.

3. Flood-Proof Your Home

You don’t have to wait for flood warnings to flood-proof your whole house. Start by inspecting the house for any small leaks and cracks that could let the rainwater inside. Check the windows, doorways, walls, and any other openings in your house.

Of course, don’t forget about repairing or replacing your roof. This serves as your ultimate protection from the storm.

You should always try to do some much-needed maintenance at least once or twice a year. Watch out for any common problems your neighbors faced and what you can do to prevent them.

4. Keep Some Handy Sand Bags Nearby

You can keep the house leak-free but when worse comes to worst, you’ll need a contingency plan. It’s a great idea to pile up some sandbags near any doors and entrances. It’s not water-tight, but this will keep most of the water outside your property.

Alternatively, place flood bags that inflate by absorbing water. They become this heavy, large bag that is an effective barrier to prevent flood damage. They could be light-weight, compact, and re-usable anytime.

5. Elevate Your Things

When preparing for a flood, you may have done everything to minimize the damage as much as you can. If the water gets high enough to enter, elevate any vulnerable furniture and materials inside your home.

Move them to the second floor or create a durable platform to raise your furniture. This allows you to dry and clean them much faster than usual. If you only have the dirty floor to worry about, it can also cut the cleaning and maintenance costs in half!

Easy Methods to Minimize Flood Damage

There you have it: some of the easiest ways to prevent flood damage from ruining your house! Make sure to follow these tips and keep your property safe, especially during hurricane season!

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