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Best ways to clean your curtains

Curtains are part of decor that creates maximum impact on a space. In fact they help in defining the style and personality of your room but are often neglected by us when it comes to cleaning tasks. The truth is most of them will look clean and fresh on the outside until we decide to check on them. And then we get this doubt, whether to wash them or replace them? Well, the truth is you can have those curtains in your home as long as you want. All you need to do is to clean your curtains in the best way possible. Today we are going to share with you a couple of ways to clean your curtain.

Usual weekly cleaning

It’s not practical to wash those curtains everyday. We don’t want to go overboard. It is an exhausting task and of course it would ruin the fabric. But one thing you can do is to resort to a weekly cleaning. You can clean your curtains every week by dusting or vacuuming them. For delicate fabric an occasional shake will do. You need to concentrate more on the upper side of the curtains along the rods as they are more prone to dust accumulation. Make sure you dust or vacuum both sides of the curtain while cleaning. Also it’s advised not to use damp cloth on light colored curtains.

Machine Washing

This is one of the easiest ways to wash curtains. But there are certain things to be taken care of while machine washing your curtain. The important one is you need to wash them in a delicate cycle. If your machine doesn’t have that mode, go for cool wash with a slow spin. It’s best to wash your curtains in cold water to prevent them from shrinking and fading. There are several detergents available in the market to prevent fading of the fabrics; you can use them while washing these curtains. It’s not advisable to machine wash sheer curtains because of their delicate nature. For them hand wash will be the best option. You can get curtains online by checking Clarke & Clarke at Online Curtain Fabrics.

Steam cleaning

All machine washable curtains can be steam cleaned. This is one of the inexpensive ways to clean your curtains. If you decide to steam clean then you need to follow the instructions mentioned in the steam cleaner as well as curtain manufacturer directions. Make sure you don’t leave the windows open while the curtains are drying. Steam cleaning is normally recommended for heavy fabrics. For lightweight fabrics it’s better to go for hand wash or machine wash.

Dry Cleaning

In some curtains it’s clearly written that it should be dry washed. In such cases doing anything other than dry washing must be at your own risk. One thing to notice in this case is that you need to find a good dry cleaning service who can handle all kinds of fabrics. Otherwise there are chances of getting your curtains damaged.

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