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Designs Elements To Consider When Building A Modern Farmhouse

Ideally, farmhouses are known for being a beautiful and iconic type of American home. Because of their iconic style, they bring remarkable feelings of comfort and coziness to anyone who will live there. With the advent of modern technology today, designers incorporate designs from traditional architecture and mix them up with the present ones to form a modern farmhouse design.

If you’re planning to build your own modern farmhouse, here are a few design elements you should consider from the get-go:

Rustic wood

1. Rustic Woods

In addition to lighting, rustic woods are also one of the modern farmhouse elements you can include in your design. Incorporating them throughout your space can bring a sense of history and comfort. For instance, you can try adding oak flooring or even natural woods in your kitchen or living room. If you enjoy styling with accessories, you can maintain the rustic feel around your farmhouse by using cutting boards and wooden bowls and vases.

2. Vintage Barn Lighting

Typically, lighting fixtures can be an easy way to style up your home with brilliant character. In the case of modern farmhouses, rustic lighting can be a great style option. You can add barn lighting fixtures or drop ceiling lights that shine brightly because of their classic design. Because of their simplicity, these industrial lighting fixtures blend well with other design elements of your farmhouse.

3. Front Porch

Another design element a modern farmhouse has is the front porch. It’s a multi-national space which is common to American farmhouses. Moreover, its presence brings character and personality to your whole home as it serves as a decoration space for any season.  Depending on the style of your house, your front porch can also protect your entire place from rain, shade, and wind.

If you want to incorporate a front porch into the modern farmhouse of your own, then you should start working with design companies that produce the most excellent examples of farmhouse plans. That way, you’ll get an idea of how you want your house to come out aesthetically.

4. Shaker-Style Cabinets

The beautiful boxy profiles of a shaker-style cabinet can be a good addition to your modern farmhouse design elements. These types of cabinets are popular because of their ability to blend with traditional and contemporary home designs.

What makes these cabinets a perfect style for farmhouses is the presence of a few adornments and doors with settled panels. They can also be complemented well with other design elements such as natural finishes. Due to the simplicity of the design, shaker-style cabinets provide your house with an appearance of age, which makes it attractive.

5. Shiplap

Another sought-after modern farmhouse design element is the shiplap. It’s a very popular and versatile wall treatment that brings beauty and comfort throughout the place. You can have it on the ceiling, in the bathroom, fireplace, hallway, and entry area. The shiplap look can be achieved by fixing wooden boards to the wall to create the farmhouse style you want for your place.

Triple-Pane Windows

6. Triple-Pane Windows

A modern farmhouse style can also be accomplished by using triple-pane windows to make spaces more aesthetically pleasing. Aside from coziness and a more prominent appearance, these windows can also bring warm and soothing natural light to your farmhouse.

If you want to expand what natural light can offer to your home, consider a façade with plenty of windows as one of the design elements when building your own modern farmhouse.

7. Mudroom

Most farmhouses contain proper mudrooms to store wet items and keep dirt and mud from messing up your whole place. Mudrooms, for instance, are a timeless feature you can find in modern farmhouses subject to a storage upgrade necessary to cater to the needs of a busy family.


Typically, each country has a different farmhouse design style. For instance, in the United States, it comes with a rectangular floor plan and main fireplace, which is used as a cooking and heating device. And for many reasons, people opt to build a modern farmhouse because its rustic element offers cozy feelings.

If you’re planning to have your own modern farmhouse, consider the design elements mentioned above and see if they’re the styles you’re looking for.

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