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How Much Does Home Automation Really Cost?

You might have heard about the new trend of “smart homes”and dismissed it out of hand. After all, such a concept seems straight out of science fiction, so any manifestation of it must be pretty expensive. You might be surprised to learn that this just plain isn’t the case. It might have been a few years ago but as various elements of home automation become more and more commonplace and easy to implement the costs have declined considerably. It wouldn’t be considered cheap, still, but if you’re dreaming about automating your home, that dream is probably a lot more attainable than you think.


The most common form of automated home system is a security system. Like all aspects of home automation, security can be set up wired, wireless, or in a hybrid state. A security system set up by a home security company will typically include any combination of cameras, floodlights, window/door sensors, and motions sensors; often connected to a computer or phone app for personalized control (other parts of your automated system will likely be connected to this central control hub). Such systems vary widely, but can cost anywhere from a couple hundred to, at the extreme high end, several thousand.


By controlling your lights via central control, you can arrange more than just convenience. Being able to access all of your homes lights remotely makes sure you never leave the house with anything on, and that rooms with no one in them aren’t left with lights going. All of this can add up over time, which can end up actually saving you money. A decent system for automated lighting can cost 40-60 per light, perhaps several hundred more if it is accompanied by a central control for all the lights.


The true savings brought on by automation come with climate control. The energy costs of most homes through air conditioning and heating can be more than half of the energy consumption for that household. By installing an automated climate control system, that cost can be cut for years, ultimately saving you a great deal. The average cost for such a system is only $250.


One of the flashiest parts of a home automation system is the entertainment system. If you are on the lower end of income, this might be an area to skip, but even here, it might not cost you as much as you think. A quality smart TV can cost anywhere from $400 up to several thousand dollars, and can be incorporated into the rest of your homes automation system.

All told, the average cost of home automation in America is approximately two thousand dollars. While this is less than some of you are likely expecting it still might be beyond some. That’s ok, though; if you choose what parts of home automation are most important, that cost can run down a great deal. Some home automation packages cost as little as less than a hundred dollars, all told. At the opposite end of the spectrum, if you really want to go all out, the top end of home automation systems in America come to about $12,000, still less than many would expect of a concept seemingly born out of science fiction.

This guest post is contributed by Sofia Robinson from HeatilatorFireplaceDoors.com.

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