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How Safe is Your Roof?

Investing in high quality roofing is essential if you want to save money in the long run. Depending on your building location, you must choose a roofing material that will last longer and can provide you optimum protection all year round. For hot climates, it is ideal to use roofing materials such as ceramic, slab concrete, metal roofs, and living roofs. On the other hand, slate tile, metal and shingle roofing are effective choices for cold climates.

A good roof structure condition is crucial to the overall safety of your commercial or residential property. It is your first line of defense against the elements, thus, it must be free from any structural issues. To evaluate the condition of your commercial or residential roof structure, refer to these helpful tips below.

Check for early signs of a roof leak

Dark areas on ceilings, peeling paint, water stains, and attic mold are potential signs of a roof leak. Minor leaks in roofs need to be fixed right away as they can escalate to flooding issues in indoor areas during heavy rains. You can go to your attic and check for water penetration under the roof. We recommend calling a public adjuster and getting a free roof inspection. They would be able to help you not only find the roof damage but file a roof leak insurance claim so that you don’t have to pay for the damages out of pocket.

Look for missing and defaced shingles

Missing or damaged shingles don’t only allow direct exposure to harsh weather conditions, they are a total eyesore. Damaged shingles can also cause safety hazards in your building exterior when they fall off the roof. This the leading cause of roof damage, so make sure to fix the problem right away,

Look closely for sagging areas

Sagging areas on walls and ceilings are signs of moisture damage caused by a poor-quality roofing system. Make sure to do maintenance inspections to roof components such as gutters to make sure rainwater flows directly down the gutter drain.

Consider the age of your roof

To know if your roof structure is still safe and good to use, consider its age. If your roof is more than 20 years old, perhaps it’s time to have it replaced for safety purposes. Just because there are no noticeable structure problems doesn’t mean your roof isn’t failing. You have to look closely.

Check for moss and algae buildup

Moss and algae buildup is common in warm, humid environments where there are surrounding trees. They can be harmless at first until they slowly weaken and destroy your roof material. To remove algae and moss growth on your roof, you can spray them with a mixture of water and bleach. You should also check and clean your gutters regularly. If you need professional help, contact a company such as Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Jefferson City and request a quote.

Use of access panels in roof maintenance

One main reason for a failing roof structure is the lack of proper care and maintenance. An access panel plays an important role in maintaining the beauty and structural integrity of roofs. These panels provide for the lack or difficulty of access to roofs.

Roof access panels are designed to allow safe entry and exit in roofs of buildings during structure or component inspections, repairs or replacements. They are much safer and easier to use compared to ladders.

Repairing your roof

At the first sight of a roof problem, don’t hesitate to call for professional help. Licensed roofing contractors will know when it’s best to do a roof repair or replacement, thus, saving you from unnecessary expenses.

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