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How To Dress a dressing table

You’ve decorated your dressing room or bedroom, you have found the perfect dressing table and have the dream beauty space.

There is one thing left to do to complete the dressing room, and that is to style! How do you create that perfect aesthetic and keep your space functional at the same time?

Firstly, it is important to look at the placement of your dressing table, if possible, placement near a window will allow that natural light during the day. Now this isn’t always an option, and natural light isn’t consistent. It is a good idea to get a dressing table with a mirror with lights, this will ensure good consistent lighting throughout the day.

Placement in a corner of the room, or across from the bed (if your dressing table is in a bedroom) ensures that you have your own dedicated make-up space without any interruptions. Somewhere that is easily accessible and convenient to use is perfect for that stress free morning routine!

Now you have your placement decided, you have the perfect blank canvas to get started in dressing and styling your dressing table.

How to dress a dressing table?

It is important to think about what kind of space you want. Are you someone who has to be organised? A minimalist? Beauty enthusiast with a large collection of products? Someone who prioritises self-care? Or someone who likes to stand out from the crowd with an extra glam look?

1. Choose A Focal Point

Choose a main feature or focal point for you dressing table this could be a mirror, a framed photo or vanity tray with your favourite perfumes.

2. Keep It Functional

Ensure your essentials are neatly organised and within easy reach, this will keep your beauty space neat and streamline your routine.

3. Mix Materials

Create interest and depth with mixed textures and materials, contrasting materials will make your dressing table stand out as the main focal point in the room.

4. Accessorise

Add balance to your dressing table with accessories, your favourite perfumes and candles. Having your essentials within easy reach makes your routine more streamlined. Nice candles, vases or trinkets can add to the aesthetic of your dressing table. Add seasonal accessories to keep on trend and easily freshen up your aesthetic.

5. Personal Touch

A good way to style your dressing table is to add a personal touch, your own personal style with framed photos and your favourite accessories to add character to your dressing table.

Dressing Table

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