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How To Know When A Tree May Be Good For A Tree House

Looking out at your backyard, you’re always drawn to one of its largest trees. You’ve been thinking of some ways to utilize the space and the tree so that you can spend more time with your family in your backyard. Why not try a tree house? Having your very own tree house seems like a brilliant idea. You can spend your afternoon lounging on top of a tree, and you can cool off inside your tree house during the summer.

What to Consider When Building a Tree House

Building your very own tree house may seem like a brilliant idea. However, it involves a fair amount of work. Constructing a new structure on a tree is tricky because you need to consider many factors such as:

  • Neighbors. Before you start building a treehouse, you must speak with your neighbors first. Ask them if they approve the construction, as it may generate loud noises that can bother your neighbors. Once they give their approval, you can continue with the construction.
  • Homeowners Association. You should also inquire with the homeowners association because they are the governing body of the neighborhood where you live. It is essential to secure their approval to avoid any problems during the construction.
  • Permits and Legal Documents. When constructing something, you also need to research and be aware of the different documents and licenses required for your construction.
  • Contractor. Finding the right contractor is also essential. Your contractor can help determine what kind of tree house is suitable for the tree. They can also ensure that the tree house is safe and durable.
  • Costs. Set a budget for the tree house. You should find a contractor that can construct one that is within your budget. If they are not able to meet your allotted costing, you can look for another one who can.
  • Insurance. Insurance coverage is essential, especially when you are building something. Insurance protects the owners, neighbors, workers, and contractors from the damages that the tree house construction may cause.
  • The Tree. Perhaps most importantly, you should determine if the tree is suitable for the tree house. Is it strong enough to hold a new structure? Will it be able to keep the structure in place? How much is the tree’s capacity? These are some of the essential questions you need to ask if you are planning on creating your own tree house.

How to Determine if a Tree is Good for a Tree House

You cannot build a treehouse without a sturdy tree. Therefore, you must first inspect the tree before you construct your tree house. Determining if a tree is good for a tree house requires someone who has an in-depth knowledge of trees.

Bellarine Trees can assist you in checking whether you can build a tree house on your tree or not. They can help you look for the following:

  • Choose a healthy tree. The first factor you need to consider is the tree’s health. If the tree is healthy, it is most likely sturdy and robust enough to hold a tree house. Some signs of a healthy tree are:
    • One tree trunk. You can first consider the tree trunk. Healthy trees have one sturdy tree trunk that can hold a significant amount of weight. The tree trunk must be broad and sturdy. Also, it must also be free from decay or any significant signs of disease.
    • Full branches. Broken and dead branches allow diseases and insects to enter the tree. Therefore, it is essential to prune unhealthy branches right away. Healthy branches are green on the inside. You can try bending a branch gently. If they snap immediately, they are already dead.
    • Evidence of growth. Healthy trees keep on growing. Evidence of growth can be found in the branches and the trunk. If you can see scars on these areas, and you can immediately determine how much the tree grew.
  • Check the trunk. The tree trunk must not be peeling or loose. It should be compact and sturdy. The trunk should be free from any fungi or any diseases.
  • Check the branches. Are the branches thick? Can they hold the weight of the tree house? These questions help you assess whether you can build a big tree house or a smaller and simpler one.

There is more to building a treehouse than just planning and designing. You need to take the tree into consideration because it will be the base and foundation of the tree house. Choosing a weak and dying tree can cause your tree house to collapse. It can even cause an accident to those who are inside the tree house. Before you proceed with the construction, you must first check if the tree can hold the structure.


Daniel Stone

Daniel Stone

Daniel has worked in the management, cutting, and caring of trees for the last 20 years. He works and helps run Bellarine Trees and is passionate about the environment and tree worker safety. He has a wife and two daughters and he enjoys playing tennis in his spare time.


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