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How Much Do You Spend on Home Decor? These are the States that Spend the Most

Decorating and renovating a home is undeniably one of the most personalized experiences someone can create for themselves. We all know how much thought can be put into painting a wall just one shade lighter, or even strategizing which table coaster best matches mahogany. As we continue to have our own stake in garnishing our homes, a study conducted by Joybird  found out just how personal that stake is. By mapping out all 50 states and comparing them to the national average of home decoration spending, Joybird reveals which states spend the most and the least on home decor and renovation.

The state that trumped all others with spending over 25% higher than the national average was Indiana. Is this the moment where we knock on the doors of Indiana residents to get a peek into what may be a luxurious sight? Trailing close behind, the state of Iowa spends around 18% higher than the national average, and both Colorado and Illinois spend a comparable 16% higher.

Is there something in the water in the midwest, or is it just me? These results may come as a surprise to some, especially those who expected to see the glamourous states of New York and California on the list. Ironically, both these states spend less than the national average on home decor and renovation, but not as low as some others.

The state that spent the least on home decoration and renovation was Montana, spending nearly 19% less than the national average. Come on Montanans, where’s your inner designer at? Next, the states of Kentucky, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Virginia fell in the list of the top 5 lowest spenders, with averages between 12-17% less than national home decor spending. Although these states aren’t geographically clustered together, they do find common ground in enjoying simpler home decor trends and spending money on other desires.

A third result shared in this study was the average age group of those who spent more on home decor and renovation. Unsurprisingly, the age group that spent 4% more than the national average was 35-44 year olds – the age range that comes with a higher likelihood of financial independence. I mean, when was the last time you saw a college student in their 20’s buy hand-painted mosaics to adorn their room? This age group likely has the time to partake in recreational home decorating and finding new ways to create a space that matches their own identity. If you want to see the rest of Joybird’s results, and even find out which gender spends the most on home decor, check out their full study.

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