How to Step Up Your Gardening Game

Gardening during the pandemic has become a very popular activity as it is a way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air while still maintaining a safe social distance from those around us. There are plenty of ways you can transform your garden, but if you’re running out of ideas, these are a few ways you can really turn your backyard into an oasis!

1. Go Vertical

If you’re running out of space but you still have ideas for plants you want to incorporate into your garden, you can always create a vertical garden! It’s relatively simple. All you have to do is choose a wall and add plants. You can DIY the wall if you’re the hands-on sort, or you can buy a vertical garden system and install it.

2. Add Food

Fresh ingredients are so much fun to cook with and if you’ve always lamented that you haven’t had the time to plant an herb garden, now is your chance! All you have to do is choose the herbs you want to grow and add them to your garden in an area where they’ll flourish based on their sun and water needs. Then the next time a recipe calls for basil, you’ll be all set!

3. Add Accessories

If you love your garden but you feel like something is missing, you might simply need to add an accessory. Fountains can add a very zen aspect to your backyard both visually and by the sound it makes. Birdbaths or bird feeders can attract lovely birds who will add a new element to your garden. Installing a small patio with furniture simply so you can enjoy your garden more thoroughly is another accessory you could add that won’t just make your garden look homey. It’ll be perfect for enjoying more time outside in the beautiful backyard you’ve created.

However you’re coping with the pandemic, gardening can be a great way to keep busy while being safe! With any luck, we’ll all be out of the woods soon, but until then, there are plenty of creative ways to step up your gardening game and create something beautiful.

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