energy saving

Tips on becoming more self sufficient

self sufficiency

Becoming more self sufficient a growing trend in the UK at the moment. Some may call it homesteading, but ...

5 ways a good quality roof can save you on rainy days


Have you ever returned home through a heavy downpour on an overcast, wet day? After contending with driving rain, ...

Surprising ways to save energy in the home

energy saving

We all know about the common ways to save energy in the home; turning off gadgets instead of putting them onto standby ...

Winter is Coming. Is Your Heating System Ready?


As outdoor temperatures start to plummet, it’s clear that winter is nearly upon us. You’re already shutting the ...

Eco-Friendly Tips For Preparing For The Winter

winter preparation

As the dog days of summer wind down, the cool temperatures are just around the corner. They’ll be here before you ...

Rejuvenate Your Home With Eco-Friendly Windows

Older homes have a lot of charm, character, and gorgeous curb appeal. But if you choose not to upgrade your windows, ...

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