The surprising health benefits of home air conditioning

Air conditioning is used widely in homes across the world. In the UK, however, it has largely been confined to offices ...

Your Postnatal Questions Answered – What Can You Expect?

new baby

You have just gone through something absolutely amazing; you are inevitably going to feel overwhelmed, confused, and, ...

3 Reasons You Should Do Everything You Can to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Bathroom


Mold in your bathroom might seem harmless, but it can actually be a serious problem. Not only is some mold extremely ...

3 Exercises You Can Perform While Gardening

exercise in the garden

Many of us do not find the time to hit the gym on a daily basis. Due to a hectic lifestyle and a stressful work-life ...

Pros of Owning a Saltwater Pool

saltwater pool

When we think about swimming pools, “salt” is not a word that typically comes to mind. However, it might surprise ...

The Benefits of an Air Purifier – Why it’s a must to own one

clean air

With the deterioration in air quality globally, concerns have been raised universally about the quality of air that we ...

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