money saving

Become more energy efficient in your home


Looking to save money on your bills, and help the environment?  Check out these practical tips below: Lower your ...

5 reasons why you are suffering from high utility bills and what to do about it

utility bills

Sometimes you get frustrated when the mail in your mailbox shows high electricity and water bills than what it had ...

Cheap Heating Oil: How To Slash Your Heating Prices!


Keep your house warm and save money this winter with help from heating oil experts, Rix Petroleum. Energy bills are ...

The Environmental Benefits of Living in Shared Spaces


There are many benefits to living in shared spaces, especially in highly populated urban areas, where space has a high ...

9 Ways To Save When Renovating Your Space

1: Make Sure This Renovation Adds Value To Your Property If you plan on selling your home down the line, then it’s ...

A Five-Point Guide on How to Save Money When Buying a New Kitchen

new kitchen

Undertaking renovations in the kitchen easily top the list of expensive home improvement projects at the moment. ...

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