The 5 Coolest Water Sports Activities To Try This Summer


Summers have seemed quite hot the last few years. Good thing there’s a few ways to stay cool. One of the best is to ...

Design Elements: How to Create Sound in the Garden

wind chimes

When it comes to decorating our gardens we often forget the role of sound. It's not that sound is not present, but we ...

How to Get a Good Quality Shed on a Budget


Is your garage overflowing with tools, equipment, toys and other items you’ve accumulated over time? Have you just ...

Top Stylish Spots for Kicking off Muddy Boots

muddy boots

Come fall, and you can be sure of getting back crunchy leaves with your muddy boots. Given this, how would you like to ...

How to Maintain Your Outdoor AC Unit

air con

Every homeowner should know that in order to heat your home more efficiently, your AC unit needs to be well maintained. ...

The Ultimate Survival Checklist


We live in a beautiful but dangerous world. If you find yourself in a difficult situation whilst away from civilization ...

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