Gilles Baudet: “Transforming Our House Into A Family Home”

family home

In 2013, Gilles Baudet and his wife Nicola bought a 100-year-old Glasgow house on Lubnaig Road on the south side of the ...

8 Remodelling Tips to Increase Your Home Resale Value

home renovation

Have you snapped up an investment property to resell for a tidy profit? Then you might want to look into remodelling ...

Garage Makeovers: Get the Best Return on Your Renovation Bucks


There is no doubt that your home’s interiors take all the attention and fanfare when it comes to remodeling or ...

8 Exterior Design Tips To Make Your Home A Haven

house exterior

Everyone wants to be the owner of that house in the neighbourhood that people can’t stop staring at in awe, when they ...

7 ways to to help your family cope during the renovation process


Renovating a home is a great way to revamp your existing interior and exterior spaces. Taking an older home and ...

7 Tips for Avoiding Delays to Your Renovation Project

renovation project

Owning a home is one of the best privileges anyone can have. However, it comes with its own responsibilities. Every few ...

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