The Quick-Step Impression

Home renovation is the big plan for 2022 for many homeowners, and online inspiration is key to finding the very best when it comes to your ideal choice of flooring.

There is plenty of diversity in many brands moving ahead this year, with many people deciding that their home has indeed become the sanctuary that deserves its attention above everything else.

With luxury vinyl flooring, everything from gorgeous wood planks to stone-look tiles provides a great look and stability for a home you won’t want to change for a long time – and some you may not have considered.


Grey is the new great flooring solution on the market. By incorporating light grey tones into the flooring, you are providing a great sense of calm and a look of increased space that perfectly complements the bedroom.

Grey vinyl flooring from Quick-Step luxury vinyl against a white wall with sparingly muted colours creates a vibrant arena for chill and relaxation – perfect for those who love to catch their sleep. Darker grey flooring also adds a more dramatic look to a room and provides a more modern feel. Dark grey is the choice that is a must for dining rooms and any area where lighting plays a key part in the overall design. If you love minimalist furniture, then a dark grey will accommodate them and your room perfectly.


Antiquity – nothing stays in a fashion more than a vintage vinyl design of light and dark woods, and Quick-Step luxury vinyl has got it all covered.

Kitchens tend to be the base for a great looking luxury vinyl flooring, which lines up perfectly with repurposed or traditional furniture and modern appliances. A vintage vinyl design is also perfect for larger living room space, especially if you are kitting out the room with antique furniture or world travelled ornaments.


Aesthetic is all-encompassing when it comes to fitting out your ideal room, and as people aim for more stylish and modern clashes that somehow work out – such as velvet furniture and unique area lighting – your floor can benefit from grand designs to suit and its rich ranges on offer from the Quick-Step brand.

Allowing your set pieces to pull a focus on the design a vinyl floor can achieve brings a more elegant feel within the room, impressing in all the right places and showcasing a great sense of creative flair.

Employing luxury vinyl flooring in tiles or planks provides an attractive contrast and a real richness to the space, also perfect for bedrooms or lounge space.

When looking to make a great impression on your home that will last upwards of thirty years without the drama of damage or becoming outdated, look at Quick-Step luxury vinyl for your floor.

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