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Things to Know Before Replacing Your Roof

Roof replacement is the first and most important thing you should consider while planning a house remodeling. Whether you install drywall, paint the walls, carpet the floor or go for some interior decoration, everything will get ruined if roof fails to give them proper protection. So, you need to be very careful in getting your roof replaced. Read on to know, the things you need to take care, if, you want your house to be well-protected by a quality roof.

Know the needs of your roof – If you are planning to remodel your house you may need to replace your roof. But, chances are it requires only partial re-roofing or just some repairs. If your roof is in good condition it won’t be a smart decision to replace it because replacing a roof will cost you a good amount. You should, therefore, get your roof inspected by a reputable roofing agency. The roofing contractor will give you the true picture of the needs of your roof.

Scan the market for types of roofing material – Roofing is not a thing you do frequently. So, you will find that market has drastically changed from the time you last bought roofing material. Today, you are not limited to the choice of roofing materials. In addition to the traditional asphalt, slate shakes shingles, the market now offers many new varieties of shingles that are way better in terms of performance, durability, and aesthetics. Obviously, these high-performing shingles come at a higher rate but if you can you should invest in these.

Calculate the benefits and losses of striping or layering – You can choose to get the second layer of shingles installed over the previous layer to make your roofing project more affordable. But, is it worth to do so? In some cases, it might be okay to layer up but generally, it is not a wise decision. When you decide not to strip the first layer of shingles, the roofers will not be able to inspect the flashing and decking underneath for any damages. The shingles are also seen to adhere better directly to the roof than another shingle layer. So, it is generally better to strip off the old layer before installing the new one.

Get into the roofing contract wisely – When you have decided upon the basic things, it’s now time to get into a contract with the qualified contractor. Do you have a roof in St. Louis? If so, getting a qualified contractor to work on your roof can be really important. Make sure that everything is written down clearly in the contract. When you choose a qualified contractor, your work will be done to perfection. But, don’t make it an excuse to be careless and negligent. See that the workers are supervised constantly. And, don’t rush into making payments. Roofing replacement can litter your lawn with nails and fasteners. Don’t clear the payment until all those junks are cleaned. The contractor will bring a large magnet set on wheels to clear-off the place.

Hope you can now make an informed judgment about replacing or re-roofing your old roof.


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