Tips to keep your garage or garden shed organised

An uncluttered garage or garden shed is something that so many people aspire to, but the reality is that it is not as simple as it seems.

Whether you are looking to completely overhaul the space or just neaten things up a bit, here are a few tips to help you along.

1. Take everything out of your garage/shed

You need to start fresh. Begin by taking everything (where possible) out of the space so that you can work on it first as an empty room. Once you’ve cleared out the space, give it a good sweep as chances are you haven’t done this in a long time. It will give you a fresh and clean space to work with.

2. Go through your belongings

Once you’ve taken everything out and done an extensive clean up, decide what stays and what goes. Go through your belongings before packing them back into the garage or shed in order to determine exactly what you really (really) need and what can be donated or thrown away. Start with three piles – keeping, donating and throwing away.

3. Categorise items that you are keeping

It’s essential to group and categorise items together as this will help you find whatever you need far easier. This could include sports equipment, camping gear, tools, games and electronics etc. Pack these items in clear plastic containers or strong boxes that can stack easily and don’t forget to label each side of the container/box.

4. Make use of wall space

Find ways to maximise all the space in the area. One way is to use your walls and overhead space by investing in open shelves. Remember that most of the floor space is often occupied by either a vehicle in the garage or a lawn mower in the shed. You’ll also need some sort of pathway to move around, which is why going vertical is a huge plus. Open shelves will allow you to stay organised and neatly store various accessories.

5. Are you storing bicycles?

As any cyclist will tell you, bicycles are expensive and so you need to store them correctly to avoid any damage. Designate parking spots for each of your family’s bikes so everyone has a specific place to store theirs. The best way to store bikes in the garage or shed is to get them off the floor and make use of bike hooks or bike racks that are cemented into the walls or hang from the roof.

6. Make use of self storage

So, you’ve cleaned out the space and still have some items left over that you simply can’t get rid of because of sentimental value or because you may need it in the near future. This is where self storage comes in. Self storage has become increasingly popular for those who need safe and convenient storage close to home. Most self storage facilities offer various units options in different shapes and sizes with flexible leases so that you only stay as long as you need to. Renting a self storage unit will help you become organised and keep your garage or shed clean, neat and tidy all year round.

What other tips would you include here?

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