Tips For Picking The Perfect Mattress For Your Bedroom

Choosing a mattress is not a big deal. However, choosing the right mattress, that is quite a pickle.

The challenge starts when you need to dispose of your old bed ethically, which means recycling it or offering it to a charity. Then you will have to decide which manufacturer – and there are hundreds of them – to buy from. After settling on the brand, you have to go through the material, the size, and other specs you want in your new mattress.

Thankfully, things don’t have to be that overwhelming because I am going to share with you tips to enable you to pick the perfect mattress for your home.


Tip #1: Online or store?

Thanks to the internet, lying down on a mattress in the store is not the only way – perhaps the best way – to shop for a mattress today. Buying a mattress online has become the new normal, especially to millennials, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

So when should you buy it from the store?

There is only one thing that online buying will never offer you, and that is the feel and experience. If these two are the most important to you, then you should shop in the store. You will also get the option to haggle down the price at the store.

However, it is hard to know if you are getting a good deal or not, since most salespeople quote prices based on your appearance.

On the other hand, shop from online stores if you are having problems making decisions as there are fewer options compared to brick-and-mortar stores. Plus, who doesn’t want the comfort of shopping from home?

When you buy the bed online, it will typically arrive at your home a couple of days later in a box. It should also include free shipping and recall and guarantees or a free trial period or both.

Tip #2: Durability

Mattresses are one of those household items that can be a long-lasting financial investment. Therefore, you want your new mattress to be able to last for at least ten years, which is the average lifespan of most beds today.

Unfortunately for you, it may be challenging to know the durability of a mattress. One of the ways to ascertain the quality and durability of a mattress is by buying from a reputable brand.

Tip #3: Motion Disturbance

Motion disturbance is an important thing to consider if you intend to share the mattress with another person, or if you are married. Most modern mattresses will mould to your or your partner’s movements, thus absorbing the shocks.

Typically, memory foam mattresses offer high levels of motion absorption while coil mattress disperses the movements among the springs.

Tip #4: Size

The size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new mattress. You want enough space to move around comfortably, meaning you should consider your height and width.

Make sure the new mattress you choose provides you with at least one foot at the edges. You can go for an extra-long mattress if you are much taller or look for a custom build that will suit your needs.

If you are sharing a bed with your partner, ensure you choose a bed that provides enough room for tossing and turning and also lying comfortably next to each other.

Tip #5: Firmness

Your personal preference will be a factor here. However, a certain study found that medium firm mattresses offer the best support for people with lower back pain.

If you prefer a firm mattress, consider putting a pillow top over it.

Another thing that will determine whether you pick a soft or hard mattress is your weight. If you are lighter, you may not be able to provide enough weight to compress the mattress to fit in the support system below, which could affect your spinal comfort.

Tip #6: Warranty

Seeing that this is a long-term financial investment, you should make sure you buy a mattress that has a warranty. This will give you peace of mind in case the bed develops any fault.

Tip #7: The best price range is $1000

Sure you can find a mattress with a $500 budget, but when you talk about the perfect mattress for your home, $1000 is where you will find many options and best value for your money.

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