Use these tricks, and you will learn to machine sew like the gods

Anyone who, without experience, has ever tried to use a sewing machine, will realize that it is not as easy as the experts make it seem, they have their technique, and that is why those who make clothes, create decoration or sew furniture using these machines, they really have had to practice a lot before.

If you’re learning to sew clothes, repair them, or even machine embroider, you’ll need to understand basic techniques and some concepts that are obvious to expert seamstresses at first. The first thing you should make sure of is buying a quilting sewing machine to get the best end results when you want to sew mattresses, stuffing, dolls and other types of confections that you can make with the sewing machine.

Cut the clothes in the direction of the thread and always leave a margin

When you buy the fabric, the clerk usually cuts the fabric against the grain, since the fabric is usually made with the direction along the roll. However, when it’s your turn to sew, you’ll find that cutting against the grain is a bit more difficult, so as long as you have to cut lengthwise, using good, sharp scissors you’ll be able to cut the fabric much more easily. Simple, if you do it in the direction of the thread, leaving the cuts against the thread for the shorter parts of the piece that you need to extract.

Posit, pins and tape will be your best allies

A posit or reference in the needle hole will allow you to see it better and will help you thread the needle faster. Always remember to cut the thread flush, since loose threads can give you problems while you work, for example, they can jam the machine, and you will have to unravel the entire mechanism to continue without damaging it.

You can also pin the fabric to baste it so that the finish is much more precise and pleasing to the eye. In addition, with this technique you can create different patterns that will give you much more beautiful results.

On the other hand, with the adhesive tape you can trace the route of the seam, so that you can make much more precise straight lines without deviating, with this trick your garments will have a much more precise finish.

How to avoid tangles?

Ironically, the worst enemy of sewing machines is the thread itself and the fact that they have a very complex mechanism. However, there is a trick with which you can tangle these tangles, and that is to always hold the thread from top to bottom when you start making it, trying to prevent the end from getting tangled in the needle. Logically, you must be careful not to put your hand through the path of the needle, or you could hurt yourself.

Understand your fabrics

Each fabric has a different behavior and each one of them has its own personality, there are fabrics such as cotton that are relatively easy to handle, but silk is much more delicate and linen is much harder. You must know all your materials and adapt to them, and you can only do this by practicing a lot, so apply the tricks that we have given you today, and you will surely improve your results a lot in a short time.

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