What laying patterns can do for your home

Choosing a new flooring doesn’t have to be another chore. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! If you want to put a spin on original themes and tones or use contrast to your advantage – now you can! Let’s discuss how your new flooring plans are quickly going to become a desire.

Laying patterns is great for making each room’s atmosphere specific to your needs. After all, flooring takes up so much space it only seems right to do something unique with it. So, start brainstorming. Do you want to get that eye-catching showroom feeling, or do you want to make a larger space feel quaint and cosy?

Every artist needs their palette

Just as with art, the colours you choose for your flooring will set the mood for each room. This is the same when choosing the type of material as it will either attract, reflect or dim the lighting you use in that room. To create the feeling of a bigger space, you should direct your palette towards lighter shades. If you’re searching for a warmer, inviting atmosphere then you should consider warm tone. Think mahoganys and chocolate!

As time goes on, it can be hard to choose a colour you think will still be “in” in 10 years’ time. That’s where neutrals come in… grey’s and cream’s give you the option to change the aesthetics of a room to get a specific mood. At the same time, it won’t leave you with the need to change your flooring too.

vinyl flooring

Now for the fun part…

The Classic: Plank floor

A statement flooring style that won’t exit the market any time soon, and a trustworthy choice for homeowners. However, it doesn’t have to be just like every other style. Make it your own! Play around with tones from the same parent colour to add an abstract density. Choose planks with burned or stripped effects to give an earthy feel.

From further afield: Versailles pattern

Put together like a jigsaw but under the influence of an artist. This look is a rustic Versailles pattern, made up of four varying sized tiles which give an element of luxury to any area of the home.

Hungary for more? Try Hungarian point

Clean-cut, equal-sized planks set facing each other at a 60° angle. Hungarian point keeps any room design looking precise.

One of a kind: Fishbone Pattern

The clue really is in the name with this layering pattern. Using the fishbone layering pattern in your flooring allows a flood of texture to rooms that need a little added homeliness. Try this pattern in your bedroom or living room.

Now you’ve done the research, it’s time to choose

Laying patterns can be done with any type of flooring. For the added bonus of durability and easy maintenance, luxury vinyl tile will maintain your layering pattern for years to come. Amtico offer a selection of luxury vinyl tiles which will give you the look you need. Amtico ranges include; Signature Woods, Spacia Stone and Spacia Abstract. If you’re especially focused on colour and texture, you will find ranges from Karndean. Not only do they look like they were designed by an artist, but they’re also named after them. Discover Michelangelo Da Vinci like you’ve never seen them before, in the Karndean range.

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