bathroom smell

Why does my bathroom smell?

Walking into a bathroom and being greeted by the smell of sewage is unpleasant.

If you’ve just spent hours cleaning your bath, sink and toilet, the last thing you want is a nasty smell in the room.

The frustrating thing is, this kind of stench could be caused by a number of things.

There are some crucial checks to undertake, and once you’ve found the root of the pong, a few tricks and tips can ensure your bathroom smells are nothing but good!

Look for any blockages

In most cases, the main cause of a bad bathroom smell comes from a clog in the plug or drain. If hair or cleaning product has built up in your drain, this can cause bad smells to make their way into your house.

The best solution is to get yourself some drain cleaner and follow the instructions it gives. Once you’ve used the product, it’s always best to let the cleaner sit for a while before rinsing with boiling water, to flush any blockages away.

If a clog is to blame, those nasty smelly drains should be fixed in no time.

Check your P traps

The whole purpose of those P shaped traps in your sink and bathtub is to keep sewer gas and other nasty things from entering your home. They need to be filled with standing water to form a barrier against these smells.

If your P trap has dried up, or is leaking for any reason, the sewer gas has a direct line into your bathroom.

Pour water into the sink and tub drains. If your smelly drains are fixed in a day or so, you know that a lack of water was the issue. If the smell persists, it could be time to remove the P trap and check for leakages.

Call a professional

If the above quick checks haven’t removed that shower drain smell, it’s time to call in a plumber. It’s not a good idea to start messing with plumbing deep into your bathroom, as you could cause more damage than is already there!

Get a reliable local plumber to come and review the situation. Just remember to get a quote for any work before it’s started.

Keeping the smell out permanently

The most important thing to ensure, is that your bathroom is regularly cleaned.

Smelly drains can’t occur if they’re free of clogs. Consider buying a sink strainer for your bath tub or shower, as this will catch any stray hairs and prevent them from entering your plug hole.

You should also reduce the levels of condensation and damp in your bathroom. While it’s not always possible to open a window, you can install things such as extractor fans, and PVC wall panels to keep damp to a minimum.

Another quick fix to keep your bathroom smelling nice is to remove damp linens from the room. Keeping your towels and bathmat regularly laundered will ensure that musty smells are removed from your bathroom.

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