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8 Exterior Design Tips To Make Your Home A Haven

Everyone wants to be the owner of that house in the neighbourhood that people can’t stop staring at in awe, when they walk past. The key to a truly stunning house is balance; the ability to stand out yet also fit in with its environment. Achieving this isn’t easy and can often take years of training to master. However, for a novice, there are certain tips that can make it much easier, tips that even the best designers will follow.


First and foremost, you need to consider the function of the house; this is the starting point for any design process. You have probably heard the famous adage ‘form follows function’, which essentially means that you need to design it so it can carry out its function properly first, then worry about the aesthetics. Think about what your home will be used for, what kind of requirements your family needs and how you can accommodate those needs. The exterior of your home will follow the interior design, for example, if you want large windows for a home office or painting studio, consider how the outside of your house will look with these.

Materials and Texture

With so many options out there, it can be very easy to get lost and have no idea what to choose. One key thing to remember is that it isn’t all about the aesthetics and that you need to balance visual effect with durability. Tumbled stone and bricks are great for more traditional designs, and if you prefer contemporary styles, think about sleek steel lines or wood panels.

Combining Colours

One of the biggest choices to make is also one of the hardest. Choosing well can help draw attention away from flaws and to your favourite design elements, while choosing badly can sometimes highlight the flaws instead. A safe way to choose colours is picking two colours from a strip, a few shades apart, and using these for the main body and trim. A third, contrasting colour can then be chosen for the door to add some character.

The Roof

The variety of roofing options out there is huge; however, it is vital you remember that durability is key. You should choose a material that will last a long time as well as look good. Asphalt shingles is a popular choice due to its low cost and simple installation. If you want slate tiles or metal, then bear in mind that they are heavy and not all homes can take the weight. Don’t dismiss wood, either, as it has a good lifetime of around 25 years and can be perfect for some designs.


Garage doors are more than just part of the style of the house; admittedly they do take up a large part of the front of your house, however, there is far more to deciding which to choose, than just the design. Different styles and materials, such as garage roller doors and timber garage doors have different properties relating to security, installation, weight and more, so look into which will suit you best both aesthetically and practically.


Similar to your garage door, windows have a huge effect on the character of the house. Different windows suit different houses; for example, symmetrically placed, rectangular windows are often best for traditional houses, whereas more modern styles suit large floor-to-ceiling windows. When choosing windows, you should also consider privacy, ventilation, cleaning and UV rating.


Landscaping is a vital part of a beautiful home, although it is more than simply planting a tree. Your garden is what you will see when you look out of the window and a large part of the first impression someone will gain when seeing your property. Putting together flower combinations and bed shapes can make or break your home.

The Entryway

A stunning home often draws attention to the front door and its surroundings, making it stand out and glow. The colour of the door should be a bolder, darker colour;

contrasting the rest of the house and often chosen from the opposite side of the colour wheel.

As daunting as the task of designing the exterior of your home may be, it is not impossible. Sometimes, involving your spouse and family to make the decisions together will help to relieve some of the pressure. Give it a try and follow these tips to design your dream home today.

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