Increase the Value and The Space With an Inspired House Extension

Good design will enhance your lifestyle – and of course, the market value of your home. If you and your family want more living space, investing a little time and money considering all available is well worth it. Lots of inspired extensions conservatories and orangeries evolve as a result of a site’s properties: its strengths and its constraints, and the planning system.

The importance of bringing in a good, specialist designer as quickly as possible can not be overstated. A good designer will maximise space, commonly coming up with ideas you couldn’t even imagine, whilst simultaneously bringing your own ideas to life whilst working within your budget. Additionally good designers will also direct the job through development, minimising compromise so you end up as close as possible to your goal, adding space and that elusive ‘wow’ factor, too.

The Royal Institute of British Architects has a good library in London where you will find many books and material connected with house extensions, ideas for designs and planning and ways to renovate them. Finding material like this, from proven architects is an excellent point to start finding ideas for your house extension job

Single Storey Extensions

Single storey house extensions can be considerably more ecomonical than moving homes, and you can create the space to work perfectly for you and your families needs. A new extension is a practical investment which will add to the value of your home and provide the additional internal space required helping you to make the most effective use of your accommodation.

Double Storey Extensions

In terms of living standards a double story extension can completely transform home living, your options with a 2 storey extension are broad and can be used to give you an extra bedroom and or bathroom in addition to a second lounge, dining area, play room or other living area. This type of extension often gives you enough space to avoid needing to move home, at a cost which is a lot more affordable.

Side Return Extensions

Side extensions is normally used to produce more space in existing rooms or to re-arrange your interior floor-plan to establish extra living space which can include: bedrooms, bathrooms or liveable space. Side return extensions can even be built together with a rear extension so you end up with a full wrap around extension giving even more living space.

Conservatory Extensions

Investing in a conservatory extension is a prudent move which will add value to your property and provide room that is adaptable enough to be used in several ways. With a conservatory extension you’re not only getting an additional room… ‘you’re investing in a whole new way of living.

For more information or if your looking for quotes for a house extension in Barnet or Greater London Homeworks Design & Build are Check a Trade approved builders who provide free advice and design ideas to local homeowners.

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