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How much does double glazing cost in the UK?

Double glazing windows should always be considered as a valuable investment for your property. With many benefits including increased insulation, noise reduction and improved security, double glazing is perhaps the most popular choice in new windows for homeowners in the UK today.

Of course, as a major, positive upgrade to your property, double glazing isn’t a quick, cheap fix. In fact, it does require a sizeable budget if you are looking to replace all the windows in your home. However, it should certainly be seen as an investment, not a cost.

Kenneth Hislop, of Window Advice Centre in Glasgow, who offer free, impartial advice on double glazing, says: “Double glazing is a fantastic investment for the future. Yes, they do have an initial cost but as a result, your home is safer and more secure, your property is better insulated, your energy bills are reduced and to top it all off, your house looks the part. Double glazing is possibly one of the best investments into your property you can make”

Determining a general, ballpark cost for double glazing windows in the UK is perhaps easier said than done, however we’ve got some points to give you a good idea of what could affect the price of your double glazing windows and why.

double glazing

Are All Windows The Same Price?

In short – no! At face value, you’re buying new windows. Realistically, windows are available to buy in different styles, colours, sizes, specifications – the list is endless. The price of your double glazing windows will largely depend on your requirements. Of course, if you are seeking new windows manufactured to your bespoke specification, this will cost more than standard available colours and styles.

Can You Buy Windows On Finance?

There are many double glazing companies that will offer finance options for new windows, which are usually subject to a credit check. Whichever payment method you choose, you must ensure that it is affordable for you and of course, adds value to your property where possible.

What Is The Best Price For New Double Glazing Windows?

It’s difficult to say what the ‘best price’ is for new double glazing windows. In order to get a good idea of how much your new windows might be, gather a number of different quotes for the same project from different double glazing window companies. The quotes you receive will be a good indicator of the average cost of your double glazing and whether or not it suits your ideal budget.

Will Double Glazing Windows Reduce My Energy Bills?

Good news! Yes – double glazing windows will certainly reduce your energy bills. This is because double glazing has been specifically designed to effectively insulate homes. With better insulation, cold air is kept out and more heat is retained. You will find that you use your central heating at a lower temperature or much less often than you once did. It’s important to consider the long term savings on your energy bills when deciding on your budget for new double glazing.

Is It Worth Buying Double Glazing Windows?

In our opinion – absolutely! The long term benefits of double glazing certainly outweigh the initial investment required for installation. With new double glazing, your home will be warmer, safer, and much more energy efficient.

Helpful? We Hope So!

Trying to determine an appropriate budget for your new double glazing windows might seem a little confusing but if you’re unsure, simply contact a reputable double glazing firm for no obligation advice. Professional recommendations will ensure that you select a reliable, affordable solution to meet your requirements.

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