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Backyard Summer Trends for Homeowners

The design of your backyard is just as important as the front yard. Some new homeowners are often overwhelmed with the backyard due to their spacious dimensions. Here are a few design tips and trends that’ll spark your interest in creating a great backyard experience.

1. Install a Deck or Patio

If your home is sitting on a hill, try having a deck installed. It will require some grading of the soil, but the perfect deck will be leveled and stand right next to your home. The more room you have, the more possibilities. You can enclose the deck with wire mesh screens that’ll keep out debris, birds, and insects. Deck installation professionals suggest using hardwood decking vs composite decking options. Composite wood material, however, requires less maintenance.

Patios are ideal for flat, graded ground. Like any deck, patios are versatile spaces where you can place grills, tables, and plants in its space. Patios are usually open to the outdoors and often accompanied by structures such as a trellis.

2. Add a Fire Pit

Warm up social interaction with a fire pit. It’s a natural light that utilizes little to no energy. The classic wood and lighter fluid are a great natural route. A raised fire pit within a patio works wonders. Put chairs around your fire pit to create a perfect gathering place. From late summer nights to roasting marshmallows in the winter, having a fire pit allows you to utilize your backyard all year long.

3. Bistro Lighting for Backyards

Bistro lights give a soft yet bright enough glow to give your backyard a twilight atmosphere. Bistro lighting is common in rooftop settings, which make them great for decks and raised patios. In addition, bistro lighting will create a modern and urban feel to the area. Web bistro lights in a pattern to cover areas where you and your guests will lounge.

4. Privacy Fence Options to Explore

Backyards are often private areas for homeowners. Therefore, investing in a proper fencing will be part of the essentials to protect your privacy. Standard hardwood fences are usually installed, but there are more efficient options, such as vinyl and composite material fences. These fences are wind resistant, can be easily cleaned, and are sometimes more durable than the classic wooden fence. When installing your fence consider using a cement post alternatives for faster installation.

5. Naturally Repel Mosquitos

To ensure you get the best backyard experience, you must manage pest problems. One of the most persistent pests are mosquitos. The first step to getting rid of mosquitos is taking away their breeding ground. Be sure that there’s no standing water around your backyard. If your home is around a lot of trees, mosquitoes like to nestle under leaves. Extract leaves before summer to minimize their nesting ground.

Next, install plants in your backyard that naturally repel mosquitoes. Balm, peppermint, and lemongrass contain citronella oil, which creates a scent that repels mosquitoes. If you don’t want to install plants with citronella in your backyard gardens, consider putting them in small pots around decks and patios.

6. Effective Drainage Solutions for Backyards

Without an effective patio drainage system, your investment into your backyard will be wasted. Summer is known for pop up downpours, so it’s better to be proactive to the dangers of saturated and eroding soil. For your backyard, lawn and garden, install a French drain system. Be sure to have a few catch basins in low points of the ground.

Further protect your backyard by installing gutters onto the home. Gutter drains are often run into French drains systems so that all the water that falls on the house travels away from the back and front yards.

Use slot drains for pathways, patios, and decks. The grates are slimmer and conveniently fit in tight spaces around material.

When to Consult a Professional

Professional landscapers and construction specialists are best equipped for grueling jobs such as grading a foundation for a deck or patio. It’s more cost efficient to consult and employ professionals due to the critical details that may not be known among homeowners.

Planting a few plants doesn’t require a professional, but you may want a second opinion from a local nursery. Do as much research as possible before making an investment in order to get the best results for your backyard.

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