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Thinking of Getting a Loft Conversion in Essex? Here’s What to Expect

Loft conversions are a fantastic investment for a property. By repurposing the space of a loft and converting into an additional room, homeowners benefit from a new room in their home that will also increase the overall value of their property.

This makes a loft conversion a viable investment that has the potential to provide a return, especially if your home’s value continues to rise in the current market. However, such a massive renovation is far from simple, so it helps to know what to expect from a loft conversion if you are think about getting one.


The first step of any loft conversion is a consultation between the renovator and the homeowner. This typically includes a survey of the loft to determine what options are available for the conversion and to discuss design ideas with the homeowner.

In doing so, a loft conversion company will know your requirements for the project and be able to give an honest estimate for the work. At this stage it is a good idea for the homeowner to ask to see some completed work from the company to determine their quality of work.


Once the consolation is successful the design process begins. This usually starts with a loft survey to get the appropriate measurements and dimensions of the space, using this to maximise the use of space during the design process.

Loft design requires specialised work so always seek a reliable company with reputable design history (recommendations and portfolios are good for this), with aspects such as head room, stair location, and window placement all needing considered.

Any loft conversion design should be signed off by the customer first – you have final say and any amendments can be made if possible.

Creation and Completion

Now that loft conversion design is finished, it’s time to create the new space. A team of renovators will start to work immediately, as most loft conversion companies understand the importance of a fast turnaround.

This likely includes a principal contactor that will be your main point of contact from start to finish. You should also get a visit from a building inspector to ensure the work is being done safely and within regulations.

Hopefully, your loft conversion occurs on-schedule and with no problems, letting you enjoy your renovated space in not time at all!

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