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5 Brilliant Ideas to Inspire Your Commercial Interior Design

In the world of interior design, there’s also the realm of the often ignored office interior design. While we may normally think of offices as boring, drab, and stale, there are thousands of commercial spaces around the world that take an innovative and contemporary approach, and elevate commercial interior design as a whole. If you need some inspiration to take your office or commercial space to another level, here are some of Décor Aid’s designers’ favorite office interior design ideas that will surely inspire all that work there.

Before you get to work on any of these ideas, you’ll first want to select a designer that specializes in commercial interior design. Interior design for home spaces can be quite different, from the visual style to the technicalities, so you’ll want to ensure your chosen designer has plenty of experience in corporate interior design before moving forward.

Open Floor Plan

While most offices still feature cubicles, it’s time to upgrade this office interior design standard into something a little bit more encouraging. Cubicles can at times seem isolating, and if you have an office that houses a large number of employees in a single space, it may be times to break down the walls and use an open floor plan. Instead of sectioning your employees off, give them their own unique space, but don’t separate them by walls. An open space in your interior design will encourage communication and collaboration, and boost the morale of the office. You’ll find that your employees develop more of a connection to others as well as the company as a whole. These floor plans also work better for a more functional office interior design, and make it more spacious.

commercial interiors

Color Focus

When you think of corporate interior design, there likely is not much color that comes to mind beyond an occasional grey or beige. Think about incorporating a distinct color scheme into your office to brighten the space up and encourage productivity. If your company has color in its logo, this may be the perfect opportunity to incorporate it as an accent color sporadically throughout the interior design of the office. Even a slight accent wall, or the inclusion of complementary colored pillows, and small decorative accents will make a huge difference in the color scheme of the space. If you’re starting with a blank slate in an office with minimal color, this still gives you the opportunity to add whatever you and your employees please.

commercial interiors

Luxurious Comfort

If your employees are sitting in a fairly sedentary position all day, you’ll want to ensure it’s at least comfortable. However, what is the most comfortable may not always be the most visually appealing, so the best way to amp up your office interior design is to incorporate plush, comfortable pieces with decadent fabrics that emphasize luxury. Instead of a harsh tweed couch in your waiting area, think about incorporating a velvet sofa with soft pillows, so that those waiting can sense the combination of luxury and comfort within the same pieces.

Think about things that you might see in a luxurious interior design for home spaces and adapt them to suit your office interior design ideas. Instead of the tired swivel chair, give your employees a cleaner, more stylish version, perhaps with leather arms and more comfortable seating.

Glass Encased Conference Rooms

Most office interior design layouts have a conference room, after all, it is usually an extremely necessary space for team meetings, client proposals, and other meetings that require a little more isolation. However, they can seem stuffy and outdated, and if your company is modern, forward-thinking, and innovative, you may want to think about knocking down the walls and encasing your conference room in glass walls instead.

When you have clients come into your office, they’ll be amazed by the ultra modern interior design of your space, which will add to the ethos of your company. Aesthetics are encouraging to both employees and clients, and this unique element will surely be a standout element of your office interior design. While this may not be something you find in an interior design for home, it’s something that can be unique to your office and make a statement.

Creative Storage

We’ve all seen the traditional metal filing cabinets; they’re outdated, unsightly, and do nothing to modernize the look of your commercial interior design style. There are a number of other options that can be used to update the space while providing more options for storage, and make it more functional. If you’re able to use wall space, doing this will free up some of the much needed floor space that is so valuable in a cramped office space. Different materials will also make this a more modernized option for storage— but if you’re stuck with something traditional, your office may benefit from updating the color choice to be something a bit more exciting.

Freestanding bookcases as dividers can also be an excellent way to boost the look of your corporate interior design scheme. They take up very little space as they are not very deep, but house a ton of storage that would be useful to your employees, that they may not be getting out of the current interior design.

Take inspiration from these unique office interior design ideas and see how they change the dynamic of your workplace, from functionality to morale, to an overall fresh office interior design.

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