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Mercedes Sprinter 311: Safe and Spacious

From commercial use to family outing there is no purpose it cannot serve

Mercedes has done a lot of effort to put forward a van which is fit for any function at all. And with success of Mercedes Sprinter, there is no doubt that this company can set standards in this category.

You can have to for factory use or for a rental company. People like to use it for carrying their things or make it a cosy temporary living space when on the picnic. Mercedes Sprinter 311 can do these things right as any other Sprinter can do.

In there you have nice standard equipment and safety kit. In short, it is perfect for company use as you can assure the customer about the safe delivery of goods plus the spacious let them send everything belonging to small to mid-size.

As there are many variations in every Sprinter so this can also be used in many forms. Either as a caravan or a load carrier, the vehicle does not mind carrying the load to its full capacity. After being loaded to its full the drive may still seem as if there is no problem while driving or handling.

You can easily find Mercedes Sprinter 311 engine for sale in the market and it is a reliable and time-saving deal. Mercedes Sprinter engines are also there in the market to have an alternative if going for the original is difficult.

The engine is an essential element of success

To carry loads it is important that this basic thing is up to mark for reaching the desired results. If there is a weak engine behind a strong and practical van then what is the use of it if you cannot take things to the destination in proper time.

Also driving such a carrier is difficult and abandoning it is better. The engine which powers 311 is a 2.1-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel. The output it produces is of 116 hp with a torque of 280 Nm at 2400 rpm.

Well, these figures are promising and you do not have to wait for the response from the engine to make it move. It has a five-speed automatic transmission which is standard and if you want to go for the optional then there is a 7G-Tronic automatic transmission which works even better.

As being a diesel still, the noise is hushed and the performance is smooth and quick.

How about the safety side

Many do prefer this aspect as they want to be sure that the vehicle they are going to purchase is safe from every aspect. This one sure fits the requirement and has well-thought safety features added to it. The driver, as well as the cargo, is safe when they are in 311. There is a full-size airbag for the driver and passengers.

There is a three-point seat belt which is standard and its function is more than fastening. It works on the system of tightening the grip around the passengers and driver in case of any collision.

This is very practical and helpful and does not let the cabin occupiers collide against the windscreen or the dashboard. The front, as well as the back, is well protected. For the cargo space, there are points to hold your cargo so that there are no broken pieces or harm caused by bumps.

There are a lot of useful things for the standard package but if you feel to have more than the optional list is also very attractive.

Other features which will find your approval

Let alone the safety side there is another technology fitted in the cabin to make the cabin purposeful as well as classy. There is an electronic safety program of Mercedes installed in this Sprinter. This ensures the stability of the structure by having individual brakes for all the tires.

Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Acceleration Skid Control, Brake Assistance and the Start-off Assist are all integrated to make this load carrier the perfect choice for people.

What is present for the convenience side?

This is easy to use the vehicle for sure and it should be like this due to different types of people which may drive it. It is a compact and easily handled vehicle which can be parked in cramped spaces and turned sharply due to the small turning radius it needs.

There are also good storage spaces in the cabin and comfort level is also good for the seats. Above all the fuel economy is another feature to keep safe your pocket. All those assisting features really make the deal worth owning.

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