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5 Reasons Your Home Needs A Breathable Roof Membrane

Designed to allow roofs to breathe, breathable roof membrane is a key building material in most new builds and refurbishment projects. It is typically installed over roof insulation but can also be draped over rafters and remains just as effective. So, why does your home need breathable roof membrane?

Prevention of Mould and Damp

Inside our homes showering, bathing, cooking, drying clothes and even our own breath all produce water vapour aka ‘moisture’. It is vital that this moisture can escape otherwise an array of problems can occur. The no.1 problem caused by trapped moisture is mould. We all know mould is certainly unpleasant to look at, especially if it is inside our home. However not only is mould an eyesore but it can be harmful to our health. Black mould in particular can be responsible for a variety of health problems, from eye and skin irritation to more serious respiratory issues. Breathable roof membrane provides an adequate escape route for moisture, helping to prevent mould and damp problems inside our homes.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Breathable roof membrane is usually installed over the roofs insulation layer. Good quality membranes will include a waterproof outer layer to protect the underside from rain, snow and dust. This additional protective layer helps to improve the efficiency of the roofs insulation, therefore improving the overall energy efficiency of the home.

Protection from the Elements

As a multi functional building product, breathable roof membrane also performs as a highly effective barrier against the ingress of water. Problems with roof tiles/slates can create an opportunity for water to enter the structure and cause damage. Should water make its way past the first forms of defence, the breathable membrane acts as a final preventative measure against water infiltration thus helping to prevent roof leaks.

No Need for traditional Ventilation

If your roof is fitted with breathable roof membrane, there is no need to install an additional ventilation system. Not only does this help save on project costs and time but can also help to improve energy efficiency. Traditional forms of ventilation can allow heat to escape and cold air to enter, whereas breathable membrane actually helps to improve the insulation of the home.

Offers Long Lasting Protection

A good quality roof membrane should provide many years of service. Year after year breathable membrane will work to keep your home free from condensation, mould and damp problems all whilst serving as a defender against the elements.

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