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Affordable Improvements for Your Home and Garden

While significant home improvements can get costly, there are still plenty of less expensive improvements that add to the enjoyment of the property without costing the earth. Consider whether you’ll be carrying the work out yourself or you’ll get someone in to help complete the tasks. Also, think about the budget you’ll be working with as this may dictate the help you can afford to hire.

Here are some affordable improvements for your home and garden.

Putting in a Wooden Deck

Having a deck at the back of your property lets you sit outside even when the patio would otherwise be unusable. You’ll be sitting above the ground level which affords a clearer view over the garden that you work so hard to make look attractive.

Not every day is going to provide great weather, but when it does, being cooped up indoors is not what most homeowners desire. Placing comfortable deck furniture outside to relax in the morning, afternoon or evening, it’s a pleasant way to enjoy more of the outdoor life.

Use Savoy Timber Decking to source the materials to create a deck. Once the deck is up, it’s not difficult to manage. Savoy can also provide advice on decking care and maintenance. Usually, only a few steps are needed every season to keep the wood in good condition so that it will be usable for years to come.

Increase the Luminance

The lighting level in many homes leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not something we tend to notice until it’s pointed out to us either from an article like this one or a new friend coming over for the first time who casually mentions it in passing.

Being careful about lighting arrangements in each room avoids problems later. Not every type of lighting is suitable for each room. For instance, in the kitchen, you want the lights to ideally be directional and bright. Unless you have a son or daughter who is light sensitive, then there’s little need to dim the lights in the kitchen. A spotlight strip is a good choice here because each spotlight can be directed to a different area of the kitchen space to remove any darker spots.

Often, people work on computers a lot and by the end of the day, their eyes need a rest before bedtime. When the lights aren’t adjustable to reduce their brightness, then they can cause additional eye strain in the late evening when tired from work.

Recreating the Driveway and Front Garden

The front of the property and the driveway are often the first things people see when driving up to your home. Driveways tend to look progressively less attractive as they wear down with age. When the driveway has seen its best years, it might be time to consider getting a replacement installed.

Along with the driveway, if you have a small garden at the front of the property, you can always jazz it up by adding some landscaping. Things like small rocks or bricks lining each side of the driveway can create more distinct boundaries and prevent the garden being an afterthought.

Look at the plants that are currently in the garden. Are they perennials or do they only bloom infrequently, leaving that part of the soil looking empty? You may be better off planting some different species that fill the garden with life and vibrant colour while not needing much in the way of maintenance.

If you don’t have a green finger, that’s okay; there are plants that are less hassle to manage. Knowledgeable staff at a good garden centre might be able to help you there. Or, a neighbour who’s a keen gardener might have some excellent tips too.

Painting the Exterior Walls

The exterior walls pick up the dirt in the air and they gradually lose the original paint shade. As time passes, it begins to look less attractive. The good news is that this is an easy problem to fix. Whether using a paint roller or a paint brush, you don’t have to be an expert to repaint the exterior walls of your property.

Look into whether you should do any preparation work on the walls before you begin. It’s usually best if you can match the original paint colour unless you have a specific reason for making a change there.

Check the weather forecast for the next several days to ensure it’s not going to rain while you’re painting or before it’s fully dried. Also, put some protective canvas down to prevent paint splashes from landing on the driveway or walkways. This way, there will be less to clean up after you’re finished.

Whatever home improvements that you’re looking to do in the new year, plan them out carefully. Don’t start more than one project at a time to avoid your home becoming unliveable while the work is ongoing.

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