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5 Reasons Why You Need A Tree Survey

Trees are an important part of our everyday lives as they not only beautify the landscape but also provide oxygen in addition to absorbing carbon dioxide and other damaging gases from the air. They also create a cooling effect, reduce noise pollution, and remove pollen, dust and other irritants from the air. Thus, trees are an invaluable natural resource and we plant them in our parks and gardens to create a peaceful environment. However, we sometimes cut down trees for building purposes or because they are potentially dangerous due to weak roots and branches. Some trees may also come under protected tree species and have Tree Protection Orders (TPO) placed on them. This is why before cutting down any trees, you must ask a professional arborist to carry out a tree survey for you. Other reasons you should have a tree survey done are:

To Ensure Your Trees Remain As Healthy As Possible

Although trees are the most prominent plants on any landscape, they are neglected when it comes to watering and pruning. Sometimes, trees can also end up with pests or diseases that if ignored, can spread to all the trees on your property. An arborist carrying out a tree survey will identify the pest or disease plaguing your tree, point out other infected trees, and recommend a treatment plan to keep the disease from spreading to other healthy trees.

To Avoid Damage To Your House

Trees beautify your property and house; however, if a tree has heavy far-reaching limbs, it can cause damage to your house instead. During a storm, it is not uncommon for heavy tree limbs to break off and fall on your car or the roof of your house. A tree with weak roots poses similar dangers in case it gets uprooted. A tree survey will help you find out which trees are potentially dangerous and whether you should get them pruned or cut down completely. On the other hand, trees with too-strong roots can damage the foundation of your house and weaken it. During a tree survey, the arborist will also identify such trees and advise you on how to proceed.

To Determine Where New Trees Should Be Planted

Trees planted at strategic locations in relation to your house can help keep your house cooler during the summer, warmer in the winter and reduce noise pollution by 40%. During a tree survey, an arborist can assist you in planning where to plant new trees in order to maximize their advantage according to your needs and the layout of your property.

To Prevent Damage To Your Trees Due To Construction

Construction, rebuilding and alterations can all have negative effects on tree health and may cause destruction to the roots of your trees. Before you plan any construction, you should have a tree survey done. This will inform you of the trees, which come in the danger zone and the steps you can take to protect them.

If You Have Protected Animal Species Living In Your Trees

If your tree itself does not come under any TPO but has protected animal species living in it such as a bat roost, you cannot cut the tree down without legal problems arising. A tree survey will aid in identifying the protected animals (if any) residing in your trees, and how you can proceed without legal issues.

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