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5 Reasons Why You Need a Video Intercom System

Technology can improve our lives in many ways, and home security is no exception.

The video intercom system is cost effective enough for the average Australian to afford. And with stories of violent crime echoing throughout our major cities, it makes sense to invest in a device that will protect your greatest asset: your family. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should get a video intercom system installed in your home.

It’s An Effective Deterrent

Burglars tend to pick easy targets that are less likely to result in them getting caught and convicted. And that’s precisely what makes the video intercom system so effective – not only does it help police identify the culprit, it also stores sufficient evidence to see them locked up behind bars. If a burglar spots a video camera while casing a joint – they’re specially designed to be easily seen, then they’ll undoubtedly move on to a softer target down the road.

You Can Keep An Eye On Things From The Couch

The video intercom doesn’t just deter the bad guys; it also acts as a nifty surveillance system. Are the kids making noise in the back yard again? Check the intercom to see if there’s anything serious going on or if it’s just another play fight. Got an unexpected visitor at an unusual hour of the night? The intercom will let you see who is there before you even have to let them know you’re at home.

Most systems let you view live footage from your phone, so you won’t even have to peel yourself up from the couch.

It’s A Useful Record Keeper

Video intercom systems automatically timestamp and store footage, which leaves you with a record of everything that’s been happening around your home. This function is invaluable for police and can provide other useful information for your day-to-day life. For example, you can determine whether or not a courier delivered a package when they said they would and you can keep a record of any suspicious people hanging around outside your home. Another handy feature is to photograph anyone who rings your doorbell automatically, so you know who’s tried to visit while you weren’t there. The high-resolution displays found throughout most modern intercom systems lets you zoom in on the finer details.

It Can Be Used Remotely

One of the great advantages of the modern video intercom system is that the user doesn’t need to be at home to see what’s going on. The cameras run on your home WiFi network, to capture and transmit live footage to the cloud, allowing you to view it from anywhere in the world on a computer or a mobile device.

Although that may sound a little over the top, the function has several practical applications.

  • Quickly check whether or not you left the stove on, without having to stress about it all day.
  • See if the kids are behaving themselves while you duck off down to the shops.
  • Keep an eye on your home while you’re overseas.
  • Check to see whether the maid or babysitter is doing their job.

It’ll Add Value To Your Property

When shopping for a new video intercom, remember that a quality system is a prudent investment because it will add value to your home. New homebuyers are easily impressed by relatively minor add-ons, so a flashy video intercom with hands-free functionality and other high-tech features would put you in a better position to sell your home for a higher price.

Finding the Right System for You

Not all video intercom systems are created equal, so it’s essential to consider the layout of your home along with other aspects such as the resolution, cost, battery, storage, and the maximum number of cameras. A little bit of research could go a long way towards securing your home from unwanted intruders.

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