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Soulful Interior Style Tips For Beginners

“Old and new belong together. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires”

-Caleb Anderson

If you are a novice, interior designing all by yourself is quite a daunting prospect. You will always want your apartment, living space or cottages to look drop-dead gorgeous and aesthetic. Sometimes making your dream home alive and creating a stunning mood requires you to pick up your paintbrush and start exploring and embracing some interior designers.

Everyone wishes to make their space a soulful place that will inspire and revive everyone living within. If we Do It ourselves, we are prone to make mistakes and create a not-too-snug environment and thus it is advisable to have an expert helping hand.

So if you are starting out in the world of designing, this is the perfect place for you. We promise you that this content will help you to create look you would have been dreaming of.

Be the curator of your own designs

We are sure you do not go for cooking/baking without having a plan! Same way, here are some points that you should be considering when it comes to interior designing. Because of the plethora of advantages and benefits, Acrylic plastic properties are replacing the traditional wooden ones.

This compiled list focuses on some of the Dos and Don’ts while going for rejuvenating your space.

Cornering all the furniture against the wall

Heard of the Tetris game? We are sure you would have, but, placing your furniture right is not all about this game. You need to cover up some middle spaces too so that your room looks much more energetic.

Allowing the furniture to float in the area is the new trend that is getting all hype and makes the room look more engaging. If you are opting for acrylic furniture, try to know the physical properties of acrylic as it would help you in deciding the placement of the same.

Don’t go for painting the walls first

The colour palette selection is an essential element of interior designing. Once you place your furniture and other belongings, you may want to change the tones that splash the wall. Deciding the furniture and the decorative items first, you should pick up your favourite colour.

If not done this way, you would find it really difficult to find the upholstery that best-fits the colour. Since you would be dwelling in the entire area, you need to make sure that you get the combination right.

Don’t make your room look like a rainbow

Never go for painting every room in different colours. Have a common backdrop colour and then pick up the hues that go along well with the main colour. You can pick up three main colours and combine others to give your room a new fresh look.

You will need even your small spaced room to look striking. You can paint some heavy dark colours to give a completely different look to your room. The right colour selection has the power to make a small room look really big and grab everyone’s eye.

Create your own light

You need to have your own sets of light and colour defined before going for the final designing. Lighting should never be an afterthought, instead, if you do not have a suggestion, create your own list of lights. It can transform the look and feel of the room.

Don’t be shy while choosing some extravagant light options, showcase your personality. We are sure this will never go wrong. Create your perfect mood with an excellent piece of light. Some acrylic plastic properties support in making the light fixtures that would just go perfect with the room.

Use some brilliant textures

Textured elements are all chic, they add dimension to a room and create a more visually appealing space. You can use fine-gauge, open-weave linen, raw silk, taffeta, distressed velvet and more. You can also use a lustrous sheen material that will reflect the natural light in the right proportion.

This will help you create an interesting room with scattered pieces of brilliant textures all around.

Shop unique pieces probably from an early age

The best way to feel young is to start feeling and embracing “Art”. You can start making your collection of unique pieces of art and start teasing your wall. You can experiment mirror art on walls to make your bare walls look brightened. It’s never too late to try out a wallpaper look on the walls. Make your walls look more charming using modular shelves. If you want your place to look like a beach house, try having a stylish collection of seashells around the room or on the bookshelf.

Since acrylic cut to size, you can try new furniture that complements the room. It might look overwhelming task, but trust us it surely isn’t. This can be your go-to option and also add more sophistication to the entire look of the room.

You do not have to match everything

Looking at the interior catalogues at the furniture studio, you may feel like matching every bits and piece in a way that is exactly seen in the picture. Trust us, nobody does the exact matching.

Try whatever you want, accents, designs, colour shades and more. Create a space that interests you more than others.

Create a place for sitting

During a conversation, people will pull up a chair and keep it flowing. So you need to have sitting arrangements and chairs defined inorder to have an en engaging talk without a hassle.

The amazing thing about the chairs and the sofas is that you now have some really jaw-dropping designs that will suffice your need. If it’s an open sitting place, you can always arrange a coffee table around to give it more sense.

Add Creativity

While enhancing the functionality in the room, you can always go creative using acrylic plastic sheets. There are many modern ways of entertaining, which when incorporated will completely change the look and space.  You can always try some asymmetrical shapes and make the guests more engaging. Always invest in getting some best upholstery that will make the room more artistic.

Choose every element wisely that will anchor the room.

Design the hallway

This is the right opportunity to let people know what your taste is. No.. no.. it doesn’t mean you have to include everything that will make it look grand but having some best elements is always better. You can use paints and wallpapers that define your personality, place the daily necessities at the entrace of the hall.

You can also use plants and make them in your own style. You can have small planters or a series of itty-bitty plants that will give the room a more fabulous look. Just make sure that the place doesn’t look much cluttered.

Make sure you are having fun

Ensure that you have fun while designing a place for yourself. After all, it’s your place that tells your story. We only want you to feel inspired and rejuvenated at your place after the interior designing has been done. Never settle for anything less. If you have your heart on something that looks really amazing, spend on it. There are chances that you will not be able to find that piece of art ever again if you miss it now.

You can really follow the practice of investing in one costly furniture every year so that by the end of 5th year, you almost have all the basic necessities of a house at your doorstep.

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