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5 things to know about your roof’s shingles

Most people don’t spend time looking at the roof of their home, because it’s high on the house and not a high priority. However, when water starts invading the home and they see water stains on the roof, they are very worried. This situation is completely avoidable if you pay attention to the shingles on your roof and the condition they are in. There are 5 major things you can easily see from the ground that will tell you when there is a high possibility of future leaks.

These tips from Colony Roofers will help you spot the potential issues that lead to leaks in your home and should save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in future repair costs. Roof repair Atlanta experts, Colony Roofers have compiled this list using years of roofing experience.

1. Roof Wind Damage

Wind damage is very common among houses that have cheaper and old shingles. As roofing shingles age, they become more brittle and as heavy winds come through, they can become lifted and creased like a piece of paper. This can lead to water leaking into the home.

2. Roof Hail Damage

Hail Damage is less common than wind damage, but occurs often when large storms occur. You can obviously see when hail hits your home because it is loud and visible on the ground. If you have hail of more than 0.5 inch in diameter, it is very likely that the shingles on your roof could be damaged.

3. Shingle Thermal Cracking

Thermal cracking occurs in places where there is extreme heat and temperature swings during the day. This often occurs in 85 degree heat or higher. You will be able to see many cracks in your shingles if this has occurred. You may need to get on a ladder and climb to the eave of your roof in order to spot this type of damage.

4. Shingle Curling

This one is fairly intuitive and easy to see. If the roof’s shingles are curling, it’s very easy for water to creep into the underlayment of the roof and ultimately find its way into the attic of your home. If you see any shingles beginning to curl, make sure you contact a contractor like Colony Roofers, Atlanta roofers.

5. Shingle Nail Pops

Nail pops on a roof are typically caused by poor installation but can wreak havoc on your home if they are not addressed. You can easily see nail pops from the ground by going out in the driveway and looking up at the roof. If you see any shingles that are slightly lifted towards the bottom of the shingle, that is a good sign of nail pops.


If you understand these 5 things about your roof, it will not only help you take better care of your home, but they’ll also make maintenance and future roof repair that much easier. We do recommend that you contact a company to help with the actual repairs, like Colony Roofers, roofing company Atlanta.

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