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Benefits of Wood Flooring

Many people have the impression that engineered wooden floors are the same as hardwood floors. This is actually not the case. The engineered wooden floors seen in many homes are actually manufactured floors. Manufactured wooden floors consist of several layers of wood, often plywood that come together to form a very strong board. Then, the board is covered with a layer of natural wood, which gives the floor a natural and beautiful finish. When you think the flooring might start to be looking tired you can always sand the wooden flooring. Carry on reading to see all the benefits of wooden flooring.

What are the advantages of wooden flooring

There are many advantages to choosing engineered flooring. The first thing is that the engineered flooring appears real and once it is installed in your home, any family member or guest will never know that it is not real hardwood flooring.

Another reason to choose manufactured wooden flooring compared to other options is that it does not expand or shrink like real hardwood wood. Due to this, maintenance of your engineered flooring is minimal as the engineered wood flooring can withstand temperature changes and exposure to water and other fluids. The durability of engineered wood flooring allows your home to withstand multiple situations without risk of distortion or twisting of the flooring.

Just like a real hardwood floor, you can adapt the engineered flooring to suit your home. You are able to sand down the manufactured flooring if you require a smoother finish, different toned varnish or if you wish to stain the wood a different colour to match the colour scheme of your home. The possibilities to adapt and customise is as easy with engineered wooden flooring as it is with hardwood flooring.

One of the main reasons why people tend to opt for engineered wood floors is because a large amount of varieties are readily available. Popular choices tend to be oak, maple, cherry and mahogany. These options work well for the majority of homes. Depending on style and colour schemes, certain woods may work better than others. Luckily, engineered flooring is easily adaptable and replaceable which means that if you ever want to change up the feel of your home, you are able to change the flooring easily.

Many people choose this option because they do not need any key configuration before installation. The engineered wood flooring can be installed directly on top of concrete. This makes the flooring perfect for all rooms, from living spaces, bedrooms, corridor to the basement. As mentioned previously, due to hardwood flooring distorting because of water damage, manufactured wood flooring allows homeowners to install wooden flooring for areas such as the basement or even the bathroom. Using engineered flooring, you can install in the basement because the floor is resistant to mold and can withstand cold and humidity.

What makes these floors very famous is their ease of installation. In most cases, it comes with a simple tongue and groove system that allows you to place each piece quickly and effectively. This can significantly reduce installation time, so if you choose installers to install the new floor, you can save money.

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