Cable TV

The Benefits of Cable TV

Thanks to the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, the previously popular television format known as cable is becoming less and less in demand, but are people making the right decision by switching? We don’t think so. Here, we take a look at the main reasons why sticking to cable is going to benefit you long term.

Live Coverage

One of the main advantages of cable TV is that there are channels which offer live coverage of events of all kinds, from all over the world. This is an important source of information as it helps you to stay in touch with developments in society and culture, as well as things like sports and music events. Alternative options have more shows that are scripted and fictional, which are often not as valuable.

Some might argue that streaming services are more convenient as you can watch them whenever you want rather than having to schedule things around when they’re on. However, nowadays you can also pause and record live television. If you rely on streaming services, you have to wait until a show has finished on cable before you can watch it online, during which time you could have seen hundreds of spoilers. Why should you miss out on the excitement of watching a show at the same time as everyone else?

Save Money

There is also a monetary saving involved in choosing cable over streaming services. The reason why streaming services can compete against each other is because all of them offer something that the others don’t have, meaning none of them have a full range of shows. You therefore end up subscribing to them all which can be extremely costly. Alternatively, if you have cable you not only get a wide range of shows, but you can also choose certain bundles that suit your interests.

Connection Strength

Streaming services are notoriously tough on your internet connection, especially if you are subscribed to multiple services at once. This can lead to a poor quality of play back including a frustrating amount of buffering and a pixelated image. Cable TV, in comparison, is a far more stable connection meaning that you can enjoy all of your favourite shows without interference. So, you can settle down with some snacks and drinks and get yourself comfy, without having to get up again two minutes later to adjust your router or wait for your show to load.

All in all, cable TV has far more benefits than signing up to a number of streaming services. Firstly, you can watch important events and all of your favourite shows in real time as they come out, so they can’t be ruined be spoilers. Secondly, you save money by avoiding multiple subscriptions, as well as being able to tailor packages to suit your interests. And finally, you can be sure that your viewing experience will be enjoyable thanks to the secure connection that comes with cable TV. has more tech advice such as why you need a video intercom system, if you’re looking for another interesting read.

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