Double glazed window

Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows offer numerous benefits to homeowners and landlords and are an increasingly popular option.

In a double glazed window, two panes of glass are fastened into a frame and constructed with an airtight seal in between them. The sealed area generally contains an inert gas like krypton or xenon or in some manufacturers units, it contains just trapped air. The gap also has a spacer bar which is usually made of polymer or metal. The spacer bar contains a desiccant drying agent that draws away any moisture that might want to pop up between the panes when warm air from inside meets cold air from outside, and vice versa.

Double glazed windows are very energy efficient. They drastically reduce the amount of energy transfer between indoors and outdoors in a home or building. Installation of double glazed windows or retrofitting them in older properties is estimated to cut energy costs by up to half. In addition to major savings, double glazing means that much less air conditioning is needed during hot summer months, and much less heating is required during cold winter months. This is because the double glazed system traps in the heat or coolness that is desired instead of letting it escape to the outside and be lost.

Double glazing is an environmentally-friendly window option, as well. By reducing energy consumption, it cuts back on a home, apartment or condominium greenhouse gas emissions and lowers its carbon footprint. Lessening the harmful advance of climate change and saving on home energy bills is a definite win-win. Many states and countries also offer various rebates and tax deductions for those who install or retrofit double glazed windows into their home or property.

Another big plus of double glazing is that types of glass can be used which further increase its energy retention properties and strength. Low-emissivity or Low-E glass is especially effective at increasing heat during winter and reducing it during summer.

In addition to smaller energy bills and helping the environment, double glazed windows help with noise pollution. Noise from outdoors will be significantly reduced and bothersome sounds from yard work or sawing will be greatly quietened.

With single pane windows, up to 60% of interior heat in a building is lost during cold winter months. Double glazed windows will save up to 55% more energy, or with use of Low-E glass up to 80%. Because of its airtight system with a moisture-removing spacer bar, double glazing also prevents the buildup of condensation. Buildup of condensation leads to mold and fungi and it also can freeze into ice crystals in winter and magnify the heat loss and energy usage in the home. Youll save on cleaning costs and prevent mold and rotting by installing double glazed windows.

In terms of security features, double glazed windows are much stronger than single glazed and are resistant to prying and smashing. There is also the option to use toughened glass in situations requiring higher security such as, for example, commercial buildings. Toughened glass is five times stronger than single pane glass.

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