6 Steps To Prepare Your Deck For Summer

There’s nothing quite like long summer nights and sitting on the deck with your friends and family. Summer is fast approaching, and it’s time to get that beauty of a timber deck spruced up and ready to go. Let the good times roll!

It can be daunting to put your weatherproofs on, and face the UK climate head first. However, when the first real day of summer comes, you’ll be thankful you’ve got a deck that’s ready to go.

If your deck is ready, you can spend that first day barbecuing and relaxing. You will be happy, and your cheeks, sun- kissed.

If it’s not good to go, you’ll have to spend that first day slaving away so you’ve still got a little time to enjoy the sun, before the unpredictable weather turns its’ back on you.

Whether you’re a family of four who just like to eat outside, a single dad who enjoys fresh air with his early morning coffee, or a busy CEO treasuring every sip of fresh air in between long days at the office; do yourself a favour, and get your deck ready for summer!

Here’s super handy list of things to do, to prepare your timber deck for summer.

The big spring/summer clean

A deck attracts all sorts of things during the winter- period, and it get’s dirty. Before you can really enjoy it again, it needs a little love.

  1. Start by clearing the surface of all things
  2. Sweep away all debris
  3. Use a garden hose or pressure wash to rinse away any leftover debris
  4. Make a bucket of warm sudsy water and scrub the deck well with a broom or brush with hard bristles
  5. Rinse the surface thoroughly with the hose/ pressure washer and let it dry.

Time for a reseal?

Is the surface looking a bit rough after your deep clean? Maybe it’s time to reseal the wood. Have a look around your local DIY home shop and find a wood sealer that matches your wooden boards.

Make sure the deck is dry when you do it, and then just follow the instructions on the package. Easy peasy

Last year’s problems

Was there always a breeze from the north giving you chills? Was the lightning too bright for late nights, or was the handrail starting to give splinters? Now’s your time to solve the little things that bothered you last year.

Get that wind screen, change the light bulb and sand and reseal the handrail!

Bring out the garden furniture

Once your deck is in top shape, it’s time to bring out the garden furniture! Don’t get too excited, it’s been indoor for months (or outdoors) and it needs a bit of a summer brush up before it’s ready for use.

If your outdoor furniture is plastic, then all you need to do is give it a quick rinse.

If your outdoor furniture is wooden, then wash it and let it dry. When the surface is dry, double check that the surface is clean and then lightly sand it. Wipe away dust, and then apply an oil that matches the wood. Mhmm. Ready for another season!

Deck props

Now to the most exciting part, you’ve done all the yearly maintenance, and now it’s time to get the deck props out. Have you got the odd flower pot and a bit of furniture, but need some inspiration?

If you’re feeling handy then build a planter box so you can grow your own herb garden. A planter is a great addition to a deck. Not only does it provide another dimension to the deck, it brings a lovely touch of green.

Getting the light just right is tricky outdoors. Is the light of the barbecue not quite enough, and the wall spotlight waaay too bright? Consider investing in some outdoor fairy lights. Fairy lights give a little additional light to the warm post barbecue flames, and is nowhere near as bright or clinical as the spotlight.

Is the family keen on dining outside? Consider getting an outdoor kitchen, or maybe just an outdoor surface where you can easily prep the food before it goes on the grill. It saves you walking back and forth between the kitchen and the deck.

Last but not least, colourful cushions. If everything is a bit blend, then a few colourful cushions can spice it up like nothing else. It’s always nice with a bit of soft cushioning, and a bright splash of colour can bring your deck to life.

Nothing left to do but enjoy the warm spring, and summer

Once you’ve completed your full summer prep, there’s nothing to do but put the kettle on and enjoy your first cuppa of the year – outside! Have a great spring, and summer!

This article was brought to you by specialist in timbercraft decking Glasgow and Scotland; Stewart Timber

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