Replace Your Kitchen Fluorescents with LED Tubes or Panels

kitchen lights

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your kitchen lights. From pendants over the kitchen island to LED strip lights ...

Radio Rentals Penalized Over Its Leasing Practices

rental store

Almost everyone is aware of the retail giant, Radio Rentals. Well, it turns out this famous company became infamous ...

Traditional Safes Vs Biometric Safes


Having a firearm is good to protect your family and property. However, sometimes it may become a threat to your own ...

DIY Tricks: How to Boost Your WiFi Signal

wifi signal

The internet connects us to the outside world, and WiFi access frees us from having to use cables. However, dealing ...

Let There Be Light: A Guide to Lighting Your Home


The invention and refinement of the electric light bulb has had an enormous impact on our world. Not only has it played ...

How Much Does Home Automation Really Cost?

home automation

You might have heard about the new trend of “smart homes”and dismissed it out of hand. After all, such a concept ...

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