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Easy Home-Cleaning Tips For The Busy Homeowner

Cleaning your home can be a difficult process. Often you have to spend tons of money when trying to get the best cleaning products, and even then it doesn’t make the work any less back-breaking! Frustration seeps in when you look at the next stain on your wooden table and you feel like you would rather destroy it than try to clean it!

But before you go online to look for the best chainsaw sharpener money can buy, keep the following tips in mind when you’re faced with touch cleaning situations.

Use a Pillowcase To Clean Ceiling Fans


If you have ceiling fans in your home, then you must know just how annoyingly messy, and counter-productive it can be to dust them. In just one sweep, you end up with an air full of dust waiting to settle on your recently cleaned furniture. Not only is this both annoying and counter-productive, but it can also be hazardous to your health. Dust inhalation can lead to many different ailments like sneezing, coughing, hay-fever and even asthma attacks! Luckily, there is a simple solution to this! Slide a pillowcase over the fan blade and then draw it back. Instead of flying everywhere, the dust will fall into the pillowcase.

Use Dryer Sheets On Shower Doors

If you have a shower with sliding, glass doors, then you know how much of a pain it can be to clean up that scummy soap residue. Before you run to the store to buy the newest shower-door cleaner, consider the alternative at your disposal. If you have a dryer, then you must have dryer-sheets. You don’t have to use a perfectly good, unused dryer sheet for this though. Instead take an already used one. Sprinkle a few drops of warm water on it and use it as a cloth to rub your doors down.

Use A Rubber Glove To Clean Pet Hair

rubber glove

Pet owners, this one is for you. Most pet owners love their furry, little friends and would do anything for them. Unfortunately pets usually shed their fur like crazy, especially during seasonal transitions. Getting pet hair out of your furniture can be a mission and a half to say the least! Luckily it is a simple problem to fix. If you have a pair of rubber gloves lying around, you have all you need! Simply dampen the gloves and rub it over the hair. The fur should cling to the glove instead of the furniture.

Use Dryer Sheets To Clean Pots

Food is certainly one of life’s many true delights. Unfortunately, whenever we make food, there is an associated clean-up task that follows. Now washing dishes usually isn’t a big deal. That is, until you get to the pots and pans. The amount of effort it sometimes requires to clean it might make you consider tossing the pot and buying a new one. Luckily, with this simple trick, that might not be necessary. Place a dryer sheet inside your dirty pot and then fill it with hot water. Leave it overnight and simply sponge it off the next morning. The secret is in the antistatic agent in the dryer sheet. It loosens the bonds between the food and the pot. The hot water and fabric softener in the sheet merely adds to the effectiveness.

Use Chalk To Clean Dirt Rings On White Collars


If you have any white, collared shirts then you know that over time, the collar will accumulate a rather foul-looking dark ring of filth. Try as you may, you just never seem to be able to rid that shirt of the nastiness of that ring. An elegant and simple solution is using a piece of plain, white chalk on the dirty area. Just draw over the dirt and then leave it for a few minutes or so to really soak up all that grease. Then wipe or dust off the excess powder before tossing it in the laundry basket to be washed as usual!

Clean Tiles With Mouthwash

Tiles can be, at times, quite disgustingly dirty. Often it takes a solid set of muscles and powerful tile-cleaner to get it close to that original white. Not everyone has the time or the strength for such a huge struggle. Unfortunately, though, it is a daily struggle since tiles become dirty so easily. By taking a capful of mouthwash and adding it to a gallon of water, you can make yourself the perfect tile-cleaning concoction. This little trick also works with vinyl floors but not with wood ones, so be careful!


Keeping a clean home can, at times, be an expensive and time consuming venture. Hopefully this list was able to provide you with a few helpful tips and tricks for those times when the usual method just wouldn’t work.


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