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Follow These Simple Steps to Grow Tomatoes Indoors

Gardening outdoors invites so many concerns and there are so many things you need to mind. You have to make sure your plants receive as much sunlight or shade as they need, during winters you have to be all the more careful, and once your vegetables start growing, it becomes even more challenging as you have to keep them safe from birds and animals. Thus, you will have to find out what animals eat hostas and other plants and veggies growing in your garden and then plan ways to keep them out.

However, if you have an indoor garden, things become a lot easier and safe. Yes, you will have to invest in things like the right type of light source and the best aquatic chiller to create the right growing environment, but your plants will grow well and they will stay safe. Amongst the various vegetables grown indoors, tomatoes are most people’s favorite. If they are planted the right way, the results will be great. First-time indoor gardeners can find things to be a little difficult, thus to make things easy for you, we show a step by step guide on how to grow tomatoes indoors below.

growing tomatoes

1. Select a variety that will really grow

Of course, you can buy the usual tomato seeds from the store and plant any type of tomato you desire. However, if you select a variety carefully, you can get the kind of results you really want. There are some tomato seeds that are known for growing well indoors, and thus you need to be careful while selecting yours.

One of the popular varieties is the determinate ones that grow for a short term and then the tomatoes will all ripen together. After this, chances are the plant may not produce again. You can easily grow such seeds in a container as they do not need staking. The next type is the indeterminate seeds that will keep growing and producing fruit and you are likely to enjoy a great yield all through a winter season. But this variety needs more attention and care. Last but not the least is the grape or cherry tomato seeds. These are more productive and also easy to grow.

growing tomatoes

2. Make sure they get enough heat and light

For tomato plants to grow successfully, they need a minimum of eight hours of sunlight and also enough warmth. So, you have to make sure the temperature at which you are planting your tomatoes is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or more. It will be best to plant them in unglazed pots with proper drainage hole so that they breathe well. You can also get a portable greenhouse kit that you can use indoors to keep tomatoes and other plants warm.

If you wish to enjoy tomatoes throughout the year then it will be best to plant them in successive batches. You can begin planting new seeds once in every two weeks, and you never will fall short of home-grown tomatoes.

As soon as germination starts you can place the pot under your window, on your windowsill, or in a brightly lit area. The temperature inside should still be at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to be all the more careful during the winters when temperatures will start dropping even indoors. Maintaining the ideal temperature during winters can prove to be expensive and thus it will be best to invest in an affordable portable greenhouse.

When you place the pot on your windowsill, make sure you keep turning them frequently so that the whole plants get proper sunlight. Also, stake your plant when needed to avoid the fruit from breaking and damaging the limbs of your plant.

growing tomatoes

3. Pollination is very important

Indoors you do not have any pollinating insects, yet pollination is very important for tomato plants. So, you will have to pollinate your plants all by yourself. You simply need to lightly tap the stems when the flowers bloom, and this will help spread their pollen.

growing tomatoes

4. Do not forget to fertilize

Never forget to fertilize your plants, not even when you grow them indoors. It is only when your plants receive the right nourishment will they be able to produce well. Make sure you use a natural fertilizer. Harsh chemicals are a strict no, as they are harmful not only for your plants but also for you. Though natural fertilizers might not make your tomatoes grow too huge, but they will be of a natural size, and safe to be consumed.

growing tomatoes

Just like growing any other plant indoors, with tomatoes too, you will have to experiment a little until you find the right lighting and location that will offer you the best results. Give them the right time and enough care and you will be able to enjoy those delicious tomatoes round the year.


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