Tools Every Homeowner Needs to Clean Their Windows Like a Pro

Well-cleaned windows can give any property an appealing look. However, it’s not an easy job. It requires a lot of attention to detail, concentration, patience and knowledge of techniques. Not everybody possesses them. The windows are a gentle surface, which can be easily stained, just with one touch. And even if you think you’ve cleaned them properly, there can still be remaining, hard-to-spot smudges. To achieve effective and spotless results when window cleaning, you need the proper tools and equipment.

Newspapers: Are They Effective?

In the past, people used newspapers to clean them. It proved handy, but it often still left marks. However, it’s important to know that newspaper ink plays a big role in the newspaper’s cleaning effectiveness. If you’ve chosen the wrong type of newspaper, the ink may run and leave smears on the glass.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, people have access to other types of tools to clean their windows. Practically everyone can use them, and it makes cleaning windows an easy job. You may not have access to everything the pros use, but there’s a good amount of equipment that’s easily accessible to the public in home centres and hardware stores.

Window Cleaning Tools: Expert Recommendations


Squeegees are useful tools that make window cleaning look like a children’s game. They are hand tools which have a flat and smooth rubber blade and a handle. They’re used to remove liquids from flat surfaces, leaving nothing behind. Because of the flexible rubber, it can get rid of all the water and leave the glass dry and streak-free. Squeegees come in various lengths and sizes, making them suitable for large and small windows.

The first squeegees had wooden blades and were used by fishermen to remove fish blood from their boats. Later, people found out that they’re perfect for cleaning windows. They made some changes, and the squeegee turned out to be one of the greatest inventions for window cleaning. Nowadays, they’re used by every professional window cleaner, and almost every wise homeowner has one in their house.

A ten or twelve-inch one should be perfect for the job, but larger or smaller windows may require a different size. For the best look, make sure the squeegee has a nice new rubber blade. When storing them, make sure that nothing is touching its blade.


The bucket is an integral part of every window cleaning kit. You can’t clean windows without having liquid, and the bucket is the thing which holds it. Many cleaners also keep their tools inside a bucket while they move from place to place.

Window cleaning buckets are usually big and made from a sturdy material, so they can endure constantly being carried around and the weight of the liquid.

T-bar with Fur

The T-bar is another mandatory part of a window cleaning kit. It helps apply the cleaning solution to the window. T-bars with fur on them are perfect for the task.

Like the squeegee, the T-bar is a simple tool. The difference is that the T-bar is covered with a cloth of artificial fur instead of a rubber blade. Some of them are also covered with a sponge, but the concept is basically the same. Its main job is to soften the dirt on the window, so it’s easier to clean with the squeegee.


Sometimes known as “sleeves”, scrubbers are fabric cylinders that can fit over a squeegee. They’re used to spread water and cleaning solution over the window glass. They save space and time, making the cleaning process simple because they can be used in combination with another tool. Microfiber scrubbers, specifically, can effectively remove even the toughest of dirt and grime from the exterior of windows.

To remove any bug or bird droppings, use a fine scrub pad. Always test beforehand in an inconspicuous area to ensure you aren’t scratching the surface. Make sure the glass and the scrub are both wet.

Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth is a tool that proves extremely handy when cleaning windows. It’s used to wipe accidental drops of water or smudges that the squeegee failed to clean. Using it as the last step of the window cleaning process will make your windows perfectly clean and sparkling.

Towels and Sponges

Additional tools like towels and sponges implemented in a window cleaning job come in handy for removing water and cleaning solutions that may gather around the panes, making it difficult for the squeegee to remove. They can also do a great job scrubbing difficult-to-remove stains from bugs or birds. However, not all towels and sponges are suitable for the task. If you want the best results, invest in high-quality ones that’ll last you for many cleanings.

Lint-free rags should be perfect for the job and are commonly recommended by professionals.

Cleaning Solution

There are many different cleaning solutions available on the market. Some are concentrated, while others are ready to use. If you pick one of these, read the directions carefully as they can vary per product.

DIY Cleaning Solution

The best easy-to-use homemade window cleaning solution is a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. In a bucket, mix about 7 and a half litres of water and about a teaspoon of soap. You can also use a fifty-fifty mix of water and vinegar. For a heavier cleaner, Mix half a cup of ammonia with 7 and a half litres of water.

If you’re cleaning the windows in cold temperatures, close to or below freezing, add a bit of windshield washing solution to your soap mixture, so it doesn’t freeze on the glass.

Final Words

These tools may be quite an investment, and not everybody will be willing to buy them solely for window cleaning. If you’re one of those people or just don’t have the time to regularly do that, consider hiring professional window cleaners. They have a system and the accessories for professional glass cleaning with all the innovative and ergonomic equipment to perform the job efficiently and leave your windows sparkling clean. This will also leave you time to take care of other chores around the house or simply relax or spend more time with your family. Besides that, professional cleaning just has a better feel.

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